Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 13th August 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

Let it be, Sanchi.
There’s nothing over there. Actually, a ward boy had
a tiff with the canteen manager. So, he makes a scene
almost every day. I’ll tell you what,
you go home and get rest. I’ll take care of him. Okay. Dr. Veer, Ramesh,
what’s going on here? Why are you making noise? And Dr. Veer, behave yourself.
You’re a doctor. If you are not disciplined then you won’t set
a good example for the people. Seema, Rekha, let’s go. Please forgive me. Actually, he’s very stressed
due to work. That’s why he was frustrated. I understand everything.
It’s okay. But, you know what! – What? Only those whose stars are not
favourable to their horoscope lose their temper
in this manner. Really? – Yes. So, what do I do now? I was taking this
for my sister. But you’re like a sister too.
And you need this more. So, I’m giving it to you. But, what is this? This is dried cow dung
of the holy cow. It belongs to my cow. And you won’t find cow dung
like this in the entire city. Burn it in every corner
where your husband frequents. And then, you’ll see how
your problems come to an end. The fault in his stars
is evident on his face. And anyway,
he’s a successful man. People often cast their evil
eyes on successful people. Don’t worry.
Just do as I told you. The holy cow will
eradicate all your troubles. Your husband will soon become
a calm person. Okay. I’ll do it right away. It’s extremely important to eliminate
the fault in his stars. Yes. Then? Didn’t you say anything? Dear Goddess, protect my husband
from all evil eyes. There’s a strange smell
in the house, Savitri. Perhaps, something’s burning
in the kitchen. No, it doesn’t smell like
something’s burning. Akash! Akash, get the room freshener
right now. The room is smelling.
– Yes, ma’am. Veer. Come, dear. Have your breakfast
before you go to the hospital. ‘Rekha said this would have
an immediate effect.’ ‘Let’s see if it works.’ Hey! What have you done! Mishri! Well.. My sari got entangled.
Please forgive me. Forgive you? Where’s your mind? Can’t you do
any work properly? ‘I don’t want to argue with her
and ruin the rest of my day.’ It’s okay, Mom. But.. – It’s pointless.
I’ll go change. Today, Veer will be late again
because of you and he’ll leave for the hospital
without having breakfast. You can’t do anything
properly. And if you know you can’t,
then don’t insist on doing it. At least don’t spoil things. ‘Wow! This is amazing!’ ‘He went to change his
clothes without scolding me.’ ‘Rekha’s trick worked.’ ‘Now I’ll follow him and spread
the cow dung smoke everywhere.’ ‘She is such a strange
and stubborn girl.’ ‘I am scolding her,
and she’s smiling.’ Now leave! She’s weird! I’ll place it right here,
under his chair. So that his work
doesn’t get jinxed and the fault in his stars
does not disturb him. Let me burn the cow dung
right here. So that he stays protected
from evil eyes and remains calm. Dear holy cow please protect
my husband’s work from evil eyes please purify it and make him calm soon. ‘Dear God!
How did he come?’ ‘I should hide quickly.’ ‘If he sees me,
I’ll be done for.’ ‘Dear Lord, please save me..’ Dr. Veer. Dr. Saxena has asked
for the file of the patient in ward number 223.
– Yes. Yes. Here’s the file.
– Okay, Doctor. – Thank you. What’s this weird smell? Hello, Mr. Gupta. Yes. Yes, I’m coming to you.
I’ll be right there. I’m safe! Now I’ll follow him
with the cow dung so that he stays protected from
evil eyes, wherever he goes. The room is set. This.. Dr. Kabir’s box remains. All the books..
Where do I keep them? There’s no empty cupboard
either. I can keep them here. This is done. I need curtains. Let me check some options
on the internet. Oh, God! There are hundreds
of options here. Which curtains will suit
the room? Let me call Dr. Kabir and ask. Send this budget
to the investors. We’ll hold a meeting
once they approve. Okay, sir. Yes, Sanchi, tell me. What’s your favourite colour? Blue, grey or purple? I like all three. Why?
– No, choose one colour. Grey.
– Grey. Okay. Dark grey or light grey? All greys are the same for me.
– Okay. So, tell me something.
Your favourite shirt the one that suits you,
is light grey. You have another shirt
in a darker shade of grey. So, dark grey or light grey? ‘Surprising. Sanchi remembers
the colours of my shirts.’ Well.. Okay, fine, I got it. Bye.
– Bye. ‘Once these people move,
I’ll place the cow dung here.’ Where’s the smoke coming from? What’s this weird smell? Why is everyone
roaming like that? What’s the matter? Where’s the smoke coming from? Excuse me. Veer. It seems like the patient in bed number 20
smoked a cigarette. Go and have a look.
He’s your patient. But, is he smoking a cigarette
or pot? So much smoke! I don’t know.
I’ll go have a look. Stop. Dr. Veer, the family of
the patient on bed number nine has requested to discharge him.
Please talk to them. Okay. Almost every corner
has been sanctified. Oh, Lord! What’s this room? ‘Conference hall’? Conference.. Let me purify
this room as well. What’s wrong with Dr. Saxena? Why has he called me to
the conference room urgently? ‘He’s entering that room.’ ‘That means I must place it
in this room as well.’ ‘There are a lot of people
sitting here.’ ‘I won’t be able to burn it
in front of them all.’ ‘I have an idea. I’ll take it
inside his office again.’ ‘He spends most of his time
over there.’ What’s this bell ringing? Hey! Is there a fire? Hey! It smells..
Get me out of here. Relax..
Relax, everyone. Don’t panic. Hear me out. Don’t panic.
We’ll check what’s happened. Sukhdev! Sukhdev! Go and find out what’s causing
the smoke and smell. It seems like garbage
is burning somewhere. No, sir. No one’s burning
anywhere. Nor is there a fire. The smoke smells of cow dung. Yes. Why does the hospital
smell of cow dung? I don’t know, sir, but the whole
place smells of it. I know. I’ve been getting
this smell all around since this morning. Dr. Veer, there’s smoke
coming out of your cabin. Go and check, hurry up. Sir, look, this is burning. Who’s burning this
in the hospital? It was found in Dr. Veer’s
cabin. I’m sure he burnt it. Perhaps, sir got devotional
early in the morning. ‘I smelled this even when I went
to the cabin in the morning.’ Nurse!
– Yes, sir. Look for a woman.
Her face is covered in a veil. He mustn’t have gone too far.
– Okay, sir. Good! I did my job well! Now, everything will be fine. The evil eyes will be warded off and he’ll become calm too. Remove your veil. I said, remove your veil!

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