Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 12th July 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode HD

Oh, my back! Oh, God! Come, Mother-in-law.
Let me apply some balm. Let it be.
I’ll do it myself. What’s the matter,
Mother-in-law? Why are you upset with me? What have I done? What you’ve done? Jaya, you’ve broken
my trust. I supported you
all my life and this is what you gave me
in return? You ruined my son Ashok’s future for the sake of your revenge. Who did I have after Sunil? Only Ashok. He managed to become
independent after so long. He was happy again,
but you.. You ruined everything. Jaya, I’m being honest. I considered
all my children equal. But you.. With your behaviour,
you forced me to favour Khushbu. Mother-in-law, it’s not so.
I.. Come, Mother-in-law.
It’s time for your medicines. Let it be.
There’s no need to pretend. I can look after mother-in-law
on my own. ‘This is just the beginning,
Sister-in-law Jaya.’ ‘Just wait and watch
what happens ahead.’ ‘I’ll make sure to
turn this place’ ‘into a living hell for you.’ Give me the balm. Look, sweetheart!
Here’s the temple. Vikrant, I won’t be able
to climb all these stairs. I’m already feeling very weak
because of the fast and veneration. I don’t think I can climb. Darling,
your husband is with you. You can do this. Come on.
Come. Vikrant.. I haven’t eaten well
since the past few days. I’ll fall ill. It’ll be
difficult to observe the fast. Please try and understand. I don’t want to understand
anything. It’s you who has to understand,
Priya. You have to climb, that’s it. When Goddess Savitri could
fight the Lord of death for his husband can’t you climb 200 steps
for me? Answer me.
You can, right? Here, hold this. You’re a strong girl.
Come. Hey! Careful, sweetheart.
Come on. Only a few more steps to go. Come on. You can do it.
Come on. Come. You’re a strong girl, I know. Easy.. Come on, darling. Hurry up.
We need to go home too. Come. Here you go, Priest. ‘Dear Goddess, I’m fed up.’ ‘Please give me the strength
to bear with all this.’ Here you are.
Your veneration platter. Here’s the offering
of the Goddess. Hey, hold on, Priest. She’s fasting today. Give me
her share of the offering. Okay, Priest,
we’ll be leaving now. Come, darling. Oh, God!
I’m getting so forgetful! Why? What did you forget? You have a class. Don’t you
have to get ready for it? Don’t worry.
There’s no class today. We have the day off.
– That’s great! If you had left,
I’d have gotten bored here. Hey! Look at him.
He’s the only one who’s sad in the whole party. Since Veer left,
he’s been sulking as if his girlfriend dumped him
for another guy. Garv, come to the coma patient
immediately. She’s regained consciousness.
– What! The coma patient
has regained consciousness! Yes, come quickly. Hurry!
– I’ll be right there. What! Saanchi Agarwal
has regained consciousness! Oh, no! We’re done for!
Call her up, quick. Call Saanchi. She isn’t answering her phone.
– Let’s run, then! Come on, sweetheart.
Easy. That’s it. It’s done. See!
Come on. It’s okay, darling.
You’ll be fine. Come. Come on. Sweetheart, stay here.
I’ll go call the driver. Okay? Vikrant! Hey! Vikrant.
Vikrant, are you all right? You’re fasting for me and yet my life is under threat. I just escaped death.
Did you see that! You’re cheating, aren’t you?
Aren’t you, Priya? No, Vikrant. I swear,
I’m doing everything properly. I didn’t cheat..
– Lies! You’re lying. If you were doing
everything properly then this wouldn’t have
happened at all, Priya. You want to get me killed,
right? You want to get me killed! Because you don’t love me.
You don’t love me at all, Priya. Let’s go home. Ms. Gayatri, the job is done. Where is Saanchi hiding? Why did she have to go missing
today itself! She’s not answering her phone and is nowhere to be seen
either. Let’s check downstairs. Come on! Answer your phone! This is too much! There she is.
– Oh, my! Where were you?
We’ve been looking for you for over an hour now! Why weren’t you answering
your phone? Why did you buy a phone when
you don’t want to answer it? What’s the matter?
Why are you so furious? My phone was on silent mode. Saanchi Agarwal has
regained consciousness. Veer was with her. We heard Veer telling Garv
about it. What! Saanchi has regained
consciousness! She’s all right! Oh, God!
What do I do with her? Hasn’t God blessed you
with a brain? What’s your problem?
Why are you so agitated? What do I do, then?
Tell me. Should I celebrate your downfall
along with you? Why do I have to keep
reminding you of this? If Saanchi Agarwal
regains consciousness Saanchi Mishra’s life
will be finished. She’ll have to leave
this college. But how did Veer get there? You’re responsible
for that too. You handed over the files of all
the interns to him. One of the files was mine. And Saanchi Agarwal is
my patient. You remember that,
don’t you? I’m sorry.
– Shall we go now? Yes. Mom! Dad! Vikrant, why do you look
so agitated? Let me tell you the reason
behind my agitation. I was about to meet with
an accident outside the temple. What! This means the threat is still
hovering him. Ma’am,
I shouldn’t be saying this but maybe Ms. Priya didn’t
follow the customs of the fast properly. I mean, she cooked today.
So.. It’s possible. Go and get the food
that Priya cooked. Vikrant, believe me.
I cooked bland food. I didn’t add anything
to it. We’ll find out right away,
Priya. Give it to me.
– Wait. I’ll taste the food. There’s salt and pepper
in this food. You lied to me, Priya!
– No, Vikrant. I’m telling the truth. I don’t
know how there’s salt in it. I had cooked bland food. You’re lying again.
You’re lying again, Priya! What if I had lost my life due
to your urge to eat tasty food? Couldn’t you even do
this much for me? Now you’ll see!
Just wait and watch. You put my life at risk
for food, right? Now you’ll see
what I do to you. Listen to me, all of you. Priya won’t eat
for the next one week. But Vikrant, Priya will..
– Quiet! What I’ve said is final. No one will utter a word now.
None of you. Adarsh, Mr. Chawla called today. He said there’s been
a problem in his warehouse because of which he’ll have to
shift the stock to our hospital. We’ll have to be very careful. No one should get to know
about this. Don’t you think
this is risky? I mean, we shouldn’t get
involved in the business of illegal and banned medicines
at all. Think about it. Adarsh, do you think I did not
give it a thought? Come on!
Now stop giving suggestions and please do as I say. Okay, Brother.
As you say. Brother, I think sister-in-law
and Ms. Vaidehi have been keeping a lot of
things from you these days. What do you mean? Watch this video. My driver shot it. Just imagine what would have
happened if he had told the remaining staff
about this. We’ve got to make sure
this video doesn’t leak. I’ll go talk to them. He’s very proud of his wife
and mother-in-law, isn’t he? It’s going to be fun now. Wait and watch, Garv. Whenever I badmouth Saanchi, she’ll make movements. Now I’m sure that she’s got
a problem with Saanchi too. Saanchi Agarwal is useless. Look.. Saanchi Agarwal is a cheap
and selfish girl. She’s a thief. Look..
– Oh, my! There you go! Did you see? This is my trump card. Now you’ll see how I use this
tomorrow to defeat Saanchi. As soon as Dr. Kabir finds out
that I helped this coma patient regain
consciousness he’ll immediately promote me
to the head intern. And then,
I know how I’m going to take my revenge on Saanchi. Saanchi, where are you going? To tell the truth
to Mr. Kabir. Before things worsen, I’ll
go tell him the truth myself. Hey! Don’t be silly.
Understand? Don’t make any hasty decisions
that you might have to regret later on.
– Yes, Saanchi. Pragya is right. Let’s wait until tomorrow.
Let’s sleep over it. Only then will we
take an action. Listen, we know that you are
an honest and truthful person. But look, think again
with a cool head. Please. No, Pragya.
I’ve already given it a thought. That’s it. No!
– Hey! Khushbu.. What happened.. What happened?
– Over there.. There’s someone over there,
Mother-in-law. I just saw someone.
There’s someone over there. There’s no one over there,
Khushbu. I just checked. M-Mother-in-law,
I saw someone over there. I came here to drink water. I thought it was my illusion,
but there is actually someone over there,
Mother-in-law. I saw him. I saw him right there,
Mother-in-law. Who was it, Khushbu?
Who was there? It was..
It was Brother-in-law Sunil. What?
– What nonsense! Sister-in-law,
stop bothering her. Don’t you see
how petrified she is? She’s scared.
She’s shivering in fear. Mother-in-law.. Mother-in-law, I know
it was Brother-in-law Sunil. I think Brother-in-law Sunil’s
soul hasn’t attained salvation. His spirit is still wandering,
Mother-in-law. I have no choice but to
tell the truth to Mr. Kabir. Before Saanchi Agarwal regains
consciousness and reveals the truth,
I should tell him. Perhaps,
it’s time for me to big adieu to Savitri Devi College
and Hospital. Don’t worry.
We’re with you. Yes, go ahead.
Tell him the truth. We’ll see what happens
after that. Yes?
– Mr. Kabir? He isn’t here.
He’s gone out. Guys, before Veer takes
Dr. Kabir to Saanchi Agarwal,
we have to stop him. Let’s go. Listen. – Yes.
– Listen.. I’ll tell you what. You check upstairs. – Okay.
– Okay? – I’ll check there. Yes. – Okay.
I’ll check this side. – Okay. Did you find him?
– No. Did you? Did you find Dr. Kabir?
– No. Oh, no! I didn’t
find him either. Listen, I’ll tell you what. Let’s check Dr. Kabir’s
mom’s room. – Yes. – Let’s go. This is some money that we’ve
got in advance. We can start working now.
– Yes. How much is it?
– Khushbu! Khushbu! Khushbu!
– Sister-in-law! What’s going on in my house?
– I’ll talk to you later. That’s enough.. I’m glad you’re here.
Do you know how scared I was! You were in trouble.
So, I had to come. Oh, my! What’s going on
in this house! It’s only been two days since
she got married and she’s facing
a tough time. Calm down, Suman. Let’s find out
what the matter is. How can you ask me
to calm down? Can’t you see her condition? And she,
our respected sister-in-law! She’s always been selfish. She didn’t immerse my brother’s
ashes in the lake for her selfish reasons. It’s been so long
since my brother died but she still hasn’t conducted
a memorial service for him. So, this was bound to happen. My brother’s soul hasn’t
attained salvation. His spirit is wandering. Sister-in-law,
she’s right. And can’t you see
what I’m going through? Greetings, Mother-in-law.
– Bless you. She’s least bothered about me.
But at least think about them. I don’t want anything
to go wrong with them. There’s no such thing, Khushbu.
You are mistaken. Fine, if you feel it’s just
a misunderstanding then take a look at this lemon
given by the sage. It’s yellow. I hope you can see it. If this lemon turns black
by evening consider that my brother’s soul
is wandering in this house! I’m placing this lemon here
right in front of you. All right?
– Fine, Suman. What’s going on here? Why has this fool gathered
all these people over here? Oh! Dr. Saanchi, please come.
Please come in and look at my magic. I have done something
so amazing that you would be proud
that I’m your assistant. Please come.
Come in.. And thank you
for putting me on Pragya’s duty. I’ll remember this favour
of yours forever. Veer, enough of these dialogues.
Come to the point. Sir, I want to tell you
something. You can say that later.
This is more important. Right? Sir, here’s my surprise. I managed to revive
this patient from coma. Veer, I’m not interested
in your pranks right now. We have tried
almost everything on her but she never revived. And you claim that you did it? Dr. Saanchi,
you’re the head intern here and he’s your assistant.
So, technically this case
is your responsibility. I hope this is not some prank.. Sir..
– Sir, whatever happens here will completely be
my responsibility. No one helped me. I’ve have accomplished this
on my own. Just watch me
work my magic. Saanchi is a terrible person. She’s a rude, selfish
and stone-hearted person. Are you listening? Saanchi is a horrible person. What’s wrong with her?
Why isn’t she responding? Just keep quiet.
– Saanchi is useless. Veer.. – Sir, just give me
one more chance. I.. I don’t have time
for your foolish pranks, Veer. Sir.. Sir, I have witnesses.
Hold on. Garv.. Garv, just tell sir
what you saw yesterday. Yes, sir. I did see her move.
But I wonder why she isn’t.. Do you remember what else
we told her yesterday? Come on, try to recollect. ‘Oh, Lord! He has done
everything possible.’ ‘Lord, let him not recollect
anything further.’ I’m remembering some more.
Yes.. Dr. Saanchi is a thief. Dr. Saanchi is selfish. Look, she’s a thief,
she’s selfish. Down with Dr. Saanchi!
– Down with Dr. Saanchi! Down with Dr. Saanchi!
– Down with Dr. Saanchi! Down with Dr. Saanchi!
– Down with Dr. Saanchi! Enough, Veer!
I’ve had enough of your frolic. No, sir, I’m not joking. Last night, she reacted
for the same.. – Shut up, Veer! Just shut up. We’ve tried our best
to revive her. I don’t want to entertain
any of your pranks now! Dr. Saanchi, this patient
is your responsibility too. Then, how could you let
your intern make fun of her? You know very well
that it’s a very sensitive case. You couldn’t even manage
one intern of yours. What kind of a team leader
are you? If any of your interns
repeat such a mistake you’ll be suspended.
Remember this. And all of you,
listen carefully. If anyone among you even thinks
of playing a prank as Veer did you will all pay
a heavy price for this. How’s that possible, buddy?
She was moving when we said the same things
yesterday. Forget it, buddy.
You’re not at fault for this. The patient proved
to be a cheat. Let’s go now. Or else,
we’ll get scolded again. Strange! In fact, weird. How is she connected
to Saanchi Agarwal? Why is she responding when they spoke ill
about Saanchi? Oh, Lord!
What was that? Why didn’t Saanchi Agarwal
respond? I mean, yes. I swear, had we
not witnessed it yesterday we too would feel, that fool
is cooking up stories. But we did witness that Saanchi moved her fingers
when scolding in front of her. Yes, that’s because Veer scolded
Saanchi Agarwal yesterday whereas, today, he never
mentioned the last name. That means, yesterday,
Saanchi reacted as he was scolding
using her name. And he didn’t do it today.
– Oh, yes. We never thought about that.
– Thank God! Could be unknowingly,
but Veer rescued us today. Honestly, we’ve got out
of a big problem today. But did you notice? Saanchi
is responding to her treatment. Pragya, you need to take
better care of her so that she recovers soon, okay?
– Yes.. Are you out of your mind,
Saanchi? Why do you always forget
that if she revives you will have
to leave this hospital? I remember everything, Isha.
But I’m not so selfish that just to fulfil my dreams,
I leave Saanchi in the condition
that she’s in now, all her life. I’m her doctor and it’s my duty
to cure her. Pragya, promise me that you’ll
take good care of her and that you’ll give your best
to help her recover. Fine, I promise.
We’ll take good care of Saanchi Agarwal. Vikrant, trust me. I didn’t do anything wrong
while performing the votive. I didn’t even add salt
to my food. Baby, I completely trust you.
Because I love you. But I am helpless. What can I do? After all,
this matter concerns my life. I can’t take a risk
when it comes to my life. Moreover, nothing will happen
if you don’t eat for two days. Come on. Priya, come on.
You are a strong girl. Get up. Hey, stop this drama.
Go. Wait. I know that you are
experiencing weakness. You are my wife. I can’t see you suffering
like this, Priya. I have an idea.
I’ll carry you in my arms and take you to your room.
Okay? ‘It’s hard to understand him.’ ‘First, he didn’t allow me
to eat anything.’ ‘And now he is showing
so much care for me.’ Fast..
Hurry up. Hey! Can’t you work
without making noise? Hurry up. Brother, I got all that stuff shifted to the disaster
management room. Yes, it’ll be safe here. I am sure,
no one will come here. Okay, Brother.
Fine. Mother-in-law.
– Yes. Whose glasses are these?
They don’t seem to be yours. These glasses are of my Sunil. Where did you find them? They were over there. ‘How did Sunil’s spectacles
come out here?’ Sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law.
– What is it, Suman? – Well have you taken out
these medical books to give them to Saanchi?
– No, Suman. Where did you find them? They were lying outside. See. Mother-in-law, I am telling you. Brother-in-law Sunil’s spirit is trying to convey
some message to us. That’s not true, Khushbu. Sister-in-law hear me out
before you leave. You’ll know by evening seeing
the lemon change its colour that my brother’s soul
is not at peace. It is wandering around here. Someone has definitely
opened this chest. Someone has fiddled
with the things in it. All the things
in it are scattered. It’s weird.
Who could’ve done all this? Nurse.
– Yes. This is the diet
chart of Ms. Kusum. What food she should eat
and what she should avoid and all the foods
she is allergic to what food is to be eaten,
and when all of that is mentioned
on this list. So, you give her the food,
accordingly. Okay? – Okay, Doctor,
thank you. – Thank you. Wow, Saanchi!
I mean, incredible! Everyone should have a
daughter-in-law just like her. You’re already looking after her
like a daughter-in-law would. Very good, Saanchi.
Keep it up. Consider Riya out of the mission
to impress Ms. Kusum. Shut up, guys!
She is my patient. It is my duty to take
care of her. That’s it! Hey, Saanchi..
Listen.. But you haven’t taken such good
care of any patient, till date. First of all, you are acting
weird, and when we point out that we find something fishy
with your behaviour then you make faces at us.
I mean, you are impossible! Unbelievable!
– What! Fishy..
– Ignore.. You better not try to understand
the proverb she quotes. Tell me. Have you started
liking Dr. Kabir? What!
– Never do that. Otherwise that wastrel Veer,
will be heartbroken. And even I will feel
a little bad. Perhaps, I too will feel bad,
actually. Yes.
– Are you both done? You never stop talking
all this rubbish! No! Why is Veer idling
away his time instead of doing his work? I’ll take him to task,
right away. – Hey, listen. Big mouth, come, let’s go.
– Let’s go. ‘Actually, even I can try
to impress Ms. Kusum.’ ‘If I turn out to be lucky
then that’ll be awesome.’ ‘I will get to marry a handsome
person like Dr. Kabir.’ ‘And anyway’ ‘Saanchi is not
at all interested in him.’ ‘No problem even if
she is interested.’ ‘Dr. Veer is there for her.’ ‘Why should I miss
this golden chance?’ ‘I will also try.’ Yes! Oh, God! Garv,
Saanchi is heading this way. Before she starts
lecturing us come on, let’s hide.
– Come on, let’s go.. Let’s go. No point in hiding, Dr. Veer. No, I wasn’t trying to hide. I was just..
– Garv are you on duty? So, please.
– Go. On duty! Nonsense! What kind of a person am I fraud, mean,
wastrel, arrogant? I mean,
what kind of a person? – No. It was only for the patient.. Are you studying regularly
or not? – Yes, of course. Then tell me, which drug do
we administer for typhoid? For typhoid.. Chloramphenicol.
– Chloramphenicol! Repeat it five times. Okay. Chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol.
Chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol.
Chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol. How is colour blindness
diagnosed? Using ishihara colour palate.
– Yes. Repeat. Using ishihara colour palate. Using ishihara colour palate. Using ishihara colour palate. Now, at least,
answer this question correctly. Please! It’s very easy.
– Okay. With which chemical is the
blood of a patient, stained to detect malaria? Giemsa stain, Veer! Repeat.
– Oh! Okay. Giemsa stain. Giemsa stain.
Giemsa stain. Giemsa stain. You didn’t answer
even one question! So, even today you’ll be administering shots
to all the patients. You’ll practice to put
stiches the whole night. If the stitches
don’t turn out to be good then I’ll extend
your duty hours. ‘There has been a forest fire
near Karur in Kerala.’ ‘The injured have been shifted’ ‘to the nearest
government hospital’ ‘where no facilities were
available for their treatment.’ ‘Sir, what kind
of hospital is yours?’ ‘There isn’t even a single
disaster management ward’ ‘in your hospital?’ ‘You guys are not prepared
for any kind of emergency.’ ‘Every hospital should have
a disaster ward.’ ‘How is the disaster ward
of this hospital?’ ‘I have never seen it.’ ‘God forbid! What if we get
a similar kind of emergency?’ Nurse who has the keys to the
disaster management room? No one.
Both the keys to this room
will be with Mr. Adarsh. Okay then,
will you get them for me? Please! – No..
I won’t approach him. I am scared of him. Moreover,
we have never used this ward. It is always kept locked.
– Okay, thank you. I personally will go
and get the keys from him. Come in. Hello, sir.
– Hello, Saanchi. How can I help you, now? Sir, I need the keys to the
disaster management room. That room hasn’t been used
since many days. So, I want to check whether
it has all the supplies or not.

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