Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 11th July 2017 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode HD

What happened?
Talk it out.. ‘Please try again
after some time.’ Who is continuously calling
at this hour? Answer it, Mom. Talk
to the person. – Leave that. Tell me what happened
at the Chawla’s. How is Priya? You have no idea.. Ashok? Is it Ashok who is calling you? Why aren’t you talking
to him? Talk for a while.
– I don’t want to. – Why not? ‘Please try again..’ Because I know
he is calling to ask for money. He needs money and I am not
going to give him any. Ashok isn’t so dumb to call you
after whatever happened, Mom. What have you done? Tell me the truth, Mom.
Why aren’t you talking to him? You are under my oath. What did you do? I shut his factory down.
– What? Didn’t I tell you
not to do any such thing? What If Anand finds out? Then let him! I don’t care. I haven’t forgotten
what they did to me. I wanted to take
revenge. Anand? You’re home! What was it that you were
talking about that cannot be discussed
in front of me? No, nothing at all. It was just girl-talk.
Some gossip, that’s all. Why don’t you freshen up? I will arrange for dinner. Okay. No, I shouldn’t be eating this. But how does one morsel,
matter? No one is here to see me. I am going to eat
the whole of this pastry. Something is happening to me..
– Vikrant.. Baby.. Priya.. Help! Vikrant!
– Priya! Vikrant..
Have some water. Get up, Vikrant! Vikrant!
Vikrant! Priya.. Priya, wake up! What happened?
Is it four already? It’s not four. Get up and chant. It’s just 2:30 am, Vikrant. I have to start chanting
from 5:00 am. There are still
three hours left. To heck with that!
You go to bath immediately. Start the chants
right after that. Go! But..
– Go.. Go now! Be quick, Priya! What are you doing here,
so early in the morning? And what’s in this bag? Books. Show me.
– Okay. See for yourself. You gave me the idea
of studying in the store room. I was applying that. Good! Always be ready
with your answers. I can ask you anything,
anywhere. Okay? Okay, ma’am. You may go.
I will catch up with you later. Thank God! There was at least
one book in the bag. Hold this. It has everything
we need for tonight. Be careful with it.
– Okay. I am going to keep it
in its rightful place. Ms. Saanchi.. You are messing
with the wrong guy. Now just wait and watch
what I can do. Khushbu, why have you
set up a separate kitchen? This house will get divided,
Khushbu. You have already divided
the family into groups. Compared to that,
this is nothing. You are wrong. I can’t even imagine
doing such a thing. I know. So, you never gave it a thought,
but went ahead and did it. You separated Ashok
and me from this family. That’s why, I am being
forced to do all this. What’s going on here? It’s good, Mother-in-law,
that you came here. I was about to come to you. But what is the matter,
Khushbu? Mother-in-law, I have never
forced anything upon you. But now,
you’ll have to take a decision. Amongst both your
daughters-in-law you’ll have to choose one. I won’t have any problem if you chose to stay
with Sister-in-law Jaya. After all, she is elder to me. And she has been taking care
of you, all these years. Mother-in-law, please don’t mind after whatever
happened yesterday we have no option but to set
up two separate kitchens. Now, you decide who should cook for you. Will it be her or me? Khushbu will cook for me. ‘And this was one more step
towards my victory.’ ‘It’s only a matter of time.’ ‘After that, Sister-in-law Jaya
will be out of this house’ ‘and this house will
be under my control.’ I mean, from the gate
of the hospital till the ward I came across at least 20 girls.
20 lady doctors! Didn’t you like
even one among them? Mom, please!
That’s not what the matter is. You are lying to me, aren’t you?
Be honest, Kabir. You have a girlfriend, right?
– No, Mom. Kabir, are you normal? I mean, do you have
any medical problem about which I should worry? I mean, a person who has so
many beautiful girls around him how can he not have
a girlfriend! How is that possible? Mom, stop it. I have told you not to watch
those stupid soaps. They make you imagine
all these stupid things. The sons of the women
in those stupid soaps bring them daughters-in-law. In my case,
there is no sign of having one. Good morning, sir. Good morning. Saanchi, these are her reports. She is suffering
from high blood pressure. Examine her properly. Hereafter, she is your patient. Okay, sir. ‘How can Dr. Kabir do this?’ ‘When I am here’ ‘he assigned the responsibility
of his mom to Saanchi.’ ‘Anyway!
Why should I miss my chance?’ Bless me, ma’am.
– Oh! God bless you, dear. God bless you..
This is Riya, right? Mr. Malhotra’s daughter.
– Yes, Mom. You have grown so big!
– Actually, how are you doing? Dr. Kabir never brings
you here to meet us. Because he doesn’t
have time for his mom. He is always busy
with his work. Isn’t it?
– Hello, ma’am. Hello, dear. Mom, she is Dr. Saanchi.
She will be treating you. If you need anything, then..
– Let me know. I’ll get it for you. Actually, you have come
so early in the morning. You might’ve not
had your breakfast. Let me get some fruits
and sandwich for you. Okay?
– Okay. She is so sweet.
– Ms. Saanchi.. There is an emergency. What happened?
Is everything all right? ‘He’s being so formal.
What new drama is Veer up to?’ Ms. Saanchi, I want to urinate.
Can I go? Oh, my God! Do people here take permission
before attending nature’s call? Dr. Saanchi,
that won’t happen with me. This is one thing
which I’ll do as per my wish. Saanchi, what’s going on here? Sir, Ms. Saanchi told me that I shouldn’t do anything
without her permission. Can I go? What was all that, Veer? Is everything a joke for you? What do you think of yourself? What did you have in your mind
while saying that to Dr. Kabir? You won’t mend your ways,
will you? I know how to punish you. You are fond of studying
in the store room, aren’t you? Then tell me, what is the
incubation period of AIDS? What are the symptoms
of Celiac and Lupus? You don’t know the answer to any
of these questions, do you? I’m extending your shift
by three more hours. Fine. At least, assign me
the work of a doctor. I am neither a nurse
nor a ward boy. You want to do a doctor’s job,
is it? Give me a demo of how
to put stitches. Okay.
I’ll give a demo. Leave it. Hold it in this way. Put all the stitches
in this manner. Okay. You will stitch all these
pillow covers for the whole day. First rise to the level
of a nurse and ward boy. Then talk about doing a job
of a doctor’s level. Okay. Finally,
I got my phone back. Let me see
who all have missed me. Ms. Gayatri, you here! Hello.
– Hello. Hello. Hello.. How are you doing, ma’am? Please come. Hello, my beautiful
mother-in-law. How are you doing, Vikrant?
– I am fine. How are you doing?
– Great. Hello, Grandma.
– Hi. How is Priya observing her fast? Priya,
I hope you are all right. Vikrant, I hope, you are
taking care of my daughter. Of course, Mother-in-law.
Come on! Can’t you see,
how beautiful Priya is looking? Tell you what! Priya is doing
everything perfectly. Am I right, baby?
– I am so proud of you, Priya. Very good. But what is all this? I have organised
a veneration for both of you. Veneration? – And Priya has to
distribute sweets among the poor after the conclusion
of the veneration. Both of you will get
their blessings and some charity
will be done too. That is so sweet of you. See.. She loves you so much. And me too. Priest! Come on,
let’s start the veneration. Sure, absolutely. Please come. Vikrant!
Priya! Come on. Yes, Mom. Come on. The veneration is concluded. Priya! I have called the needy. You have to distribute
this among them. Guddu!
– Yes, ma’am. Call everyone.
– Okay, ma’am. Come on. Here, baby. Priya, you are done
with the charity. Thank you, Mother-in-law. Rukmini, serve my meal. The auspicious hour passed while you were performing
the veneration. You will get to eat
tomorrow. I am sorry, baby. It’s 10:45 already. And as you know, you were
supposed to eat by 10:40. You won’t get to eat
anything now. Listen,
get me another sandwich. And put fresh vegetables
in this sandwich, all right? You should make it the way
you had made in the afternoon. It’s for Dr. Kabir’s mom. We shouldn’t get
any complaints. What happened? What are you gossiping about? Hey! Have you ever seen
the eighth wonder? No, right?
Look over there. The super model of the poor is trying to pretend
to be very nice. She is trying to be
an ideal daughter-in-law. I feel as if she will impress Dr. Kabir’s mother tonight.
I swear. But I think,
she will like Saanchi more. Will both of you
stop this nonsense? He is my senior. How can you say all that
about him? Come on.
What if he is a senior? He is so handsome. He is so yummy! He is not a dessert,
that you call him yummy! But yes,
he is indeed handsome. What pathetic language
is that? Keep quiet. Oh! It took me a while
to understand it. So what has he done today that made you so angry? Where do I begin!
He has irritated me. He embarrassed me
in front of Dr. Kabir. I have punished him. He will learn a lesson if he keeps stitching
all night. Well, it’s Saturday. It’s Veer’s party day. Do you think
he will stitch all night? Never! Oh, yes. I totally forgot. I’ll be right back.
– Hey! Listen to me. I swear. It’s strange! They are like cat and mouse. They can neither be with
one another, nor without. By the way,
that’s a nice quote, right? Anyway, forget it.
See this. I have ordered this cosmetic
from Paris. Take a look. Veer! ‘Bye-bye, Ms. Saanchi.’ ‘It’s a special invitation
for you for tonight’s party.’ ‘Find the party venue
if you can.’ I’ll send another video
to Dr. Malhotra. He will learn a lesson when
he gets scolded in the morning. Darn! He took my phone. I won’t spare you. Is this how you perform
your duty? You can’t take care
of such a little thing. Hello! Dr. Kabir! The stock of glucose is missing
from the store room. And the ward boys
are so careless that they can’t be alert
on the entry and exit. I don’t understand
what to do. Yes. I will find the venue
and you too. Just wait and watch,
Dr. Veer. So what if I don’t have money? I am intelligent. I can arrange for everything. Alcohol with glucose. It’s healthy and amazing. So, guys, cheers to us.
– Cheers! Guys! Guys! Hide everything.
Ms. Fernandez is coming to raid. Darn!
– Darn it! You need not hide anything.
I know everything. Ward boy.
– Yes. Take the bottles away. And Dr. Veer, if you repeat this I will complain this
to Dr. Malhotra. Just remember that this is
the stock of the hospital not your personal belonging. Unbelievable! You are such a spoilsport. All the interns get just one day
to enjoy and you couldn’t tolerate that. You have ruined it,
Ms. Destruction! I swear, you are
a terrible leader. No one likes you. Everyone hates you. No one likes you!
No one likes you.. I hate you, Saanchi. Down with Saanchi! Down with Saanchi! Down with Saanchi! Down with Saanchi! Just a second.
Just a second.. Why are you doing this? When did I say that the
party shall not happen? The party will happen. So, are you guys ready for it?
– Yes! Now, you won’t say
that you hate me, right? No..
We love you, Saanchi.. Perfect! So the party is on,
guys! And Veer won’t be
a part of it. What will I do here
all alone? The jobs of all the interns. Today, you will complete
the backlog of all the interns! What? Come on, guys.
Let’s go for the party.. Hurray.. Don’t be shocked!
Go and get to work. You cannot do this to me.
– Of course, I can! Did you forget
that I’m your head intern and you are my assistant? Here you go..
Take it. These are the files
of all your patients. Go through it well
and take care of them all. There shouldn’t be
a single error. So guys, let’s go on
with the party. – Party.. I hope Rukmini has cooked
for me. I have already bathed. If I’m late like yesterday,
I won’t be able to eat well. Rukmini..
Where is Rukmini? Are you looking for Rukmini?
– Yes.. She has been out. ‘Who will cook me my meal?’ I suggest, you cook for yourself
and everyone at home! I am going to my friend’s house.
I’ll be back by dinner. Okay. Don’t even think
of eating that, Priya! Vikrant! No.. I was just checking if the food
is cooked well for all of you. Priya.. What are you doing here?
You had to go to the temple of Goddess Kali with Vikrant,
right? – But.. It’s time for me to eat.
– Come back and eat. But.. For you, my life should be
more important than food, Priya! Got it?
Did you get that? Pradeep.. – Yes, sir. – How much
did she weigh yesterday? 48, sir!
– 48? Great! Come, baby. Let’s see how much weight
you’ve lost today. Please sit.. Easy.. Yes! One second. Baby, I suggest you
to take off your footwear. It is adding to the weight.
I’ll help you with it. Show me your feet. Okay..
Now, weigh her. Sir, 46.
– 46! Great!
Wow, baby.. Come on. I’ll put it back for you. V-Vikrant, I’ll do it! I’m your husband.
It’s okay. Come on, baby. Wow, baby!
You lost two kilos. I’m so impressed. I think you’ve been sincerely
holding the fast for me. You love me so much?
I’m so happy. Pradeep go and donate
40 kilos of wheat to the poor on Ms. Priya’s name.
– Sure, sir. Are you happy?
Let’s go in. Don’t tell me.
Hold on a second.. L-Listen, I’ll call you back.
Bye.. Yes, tell me.
– Hello, Ms. Gayatri.. Everything is working out
well here. Your daughter is getting
used to the fasts and chants. And she is obeying the priest
without a word of rebel. Now, the couple
is heading to the temple. Priya’s life cannot be
so easy. I need to give her
a loving thrust. I promise you.. I hadn’t even expected
in my wildest dreams that Saanchi would agree
for the party. I am telling you.
My trust on her is faltering. I swear! Whether Saanchi
can change Veer or not but Veer will certainly
change Saanchi. Listen, you people take care
of things here. I will go and check
on Veer. – Wait. You let him work properly.
You enjoy the party. Are you crazy?
Veer is alone over there. How can she like it here? You can go, Saanchi.
Just go. Saanchi, tell me the truth.
Are you going to see Veer or are you going
to impress Kabir’s mom? You people
speak utter nonsense. How could you
become doctors? Yet, we are!
– Yet, we are! Your blood pressure
is under control. Nurse, monitor him
from time to time. Do you still have a temperature?
Do you have a high temperature? Nurse! Did you check his temperature?
Check it in close succession. Give him this medicine, okay? After that, check the blood
pressure level, okay? You know what?
You are a horrible person. A horrible one! You are very mean. What not have I done for you! I risked my life
to bring that heart. I saved you from those goons.
I have always supported you and you are making me
go through all this. You have done me
such great favours. I’ve got you a cup of coffee
to return the favour. You can’t really enjoy a beer
today. Make do with a coffee. I don’t want
any favour from you. It is better if you channelize
this energy into your work. There is no point
in wasting it on me. Dr. Kabir.
– Go on. Your darling Dr. Kabir
has texted you. Go and take care of his mom. Only then,
you’ll get extra points. Ma’am, your medicines. Thank you. Dear, where is Riya?
I haven’t seen her in a while. I thought, she will come
to give the medicine. Ma’am, she has gone
to a party. Don’t you attend parties? No, actually,
I feel a little awkward. That’s why, I don’t
attend parties. – Okay. Dear, what do you think
about Dr. Kabir? I mean, what is your opinion
about him? I mean, do you all
like Dr. Kabir? Ma’am, Dr. Kabir is great.
He is a good person and a great doctor. People in the hospital
are also great. Everyone shares a
harmonious bond. Isn’t it? Yes. – Kabir also
likes everyone. I am sure, he likes a few people
slightly more than others. I think, he likes Riya
a little more than others. Isn’t it? Ma’am,
I don’t know about that. But I do know that all
the employees like Dr. Kabir. He is specially famous
among lady doctors. The lady doctors like him! What is this, dear?
What took you so long? Now, I am in your hospital. At least visit me
a couple of times. Dear, you suppressed
something so serious. What are you talking about? You never told me
that everyone likes you here. You are quite popular
among everyone. Especially, among lady doctors. This means, you must
have a girlfriend. You suppressed something
this crucial! Did you lie to me? Mom. How can I
dare to lie to you? And could I ever lie to you? You always catch me,
whenever I try to lie. That’s true. You have a terrible
track record of lying. ‘Dr. Kabir laughs as well.’ The girl who just left,
I really like her. Do you like her?
– Enough, Mom. If you speak about this again,
then I’ll stop visiting you. What are you saying? How can
you threaten me like that? Leave, I won’t speak to you.
– Mom.. Madam’s meal.
– Give it, Nurse. Nurse, you may leave.
I’ll give her the food. ‘Saanchi scores a point,
Riya loses a point.’ Come on, Mom.
It’s time for you to eat. Okay. Open your mouth.
It’s really good. I am sorry.
Please, don’t mind. But I am really jealous of you
at the moment. You are lying so comfortably.
And look at me! Saanchi Agarwal
is making me slog. Honestly, when God
was instilling emotions he must’ve forgotten about
Saanchi at that moment. She is emotionless. She has no mercy. She is thinking
no end of herself since she has become
the head intern. Just imagine,
I am so drowsy that I am assuming that you
are regaining consciousness. Saanchi is responsible
for this. She is evil! She is vile!
She is cruel! Is her hand moving
because of the medication? Or does she hate
Saanchi Agarwal as well?

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