Savitri Devi College & Hospital – 10th January 2018 – सावित्री देवी कॉलेज & हॉस्पिटल – Full Episode

‘To dear dean of SDCH.’ Sanchi, one second. Don’t open this. This might be Veer’s prank. Don’t you remember what he told
in front of everyone? He will definitely take revenge
from you. And he will do something big. I want to know how stupid
Veer can be. Sanchi, why are you doing this? Sanchi. Sanchi, are you all right? You are hurt. ‘This is just the trailer.’ ‘Look what happens next.’ How could Veer do this? I had never imagined that Veer could stoop so low
to win. Calm down, Sanchi.
– I won’t spare him. Sanchi, one second. Come here. Sanchi, what are you doing? Listen to me.
– Pragya, let her go. Don’t stop her now. But she is injured.
– Keep quiet. Veer! Sanchi, what happened.. What nonsense is this, Sanchi? Veer, if you come
in front of me again you have no idea
what I will do to you. And now I am ready
for everything. Let me see how low
you can stoop. What nonsense is this, Sanchi? Veer, if you come
in front of me again you have no idea
what I can do to you. And now I am ready
for everything. Let me see
how low you can stoop. But what have I done?
– Exactly! You never know
what you are doing because it has become your habit
to do such things. But how much? How low will you stoop,
Veer Malhotra? Enough! Veer, you.. Henceforth,
you will do as I say. And whatever we discuss
in this room should remain a secret. You know what will happen to you if you disclose this to anyone. Exchange these medicines
with the current ones. Ms. Savitri will have
these medicines from today. Clear? Good girl. Ms. Savitri, your chances of
getting cured are over. Now, you’ll have to remain as a living body on this bed
forever. And I will take advantage
of this. You know what? As long as you remain
in this condition your son, Veer’s anger
will never reduce. Sanchi and Jaya won’t be able
to come closer to us if his anger doesn’t calm down. This is known as
winning the game. The pot just got sweetened and I hold the best cards. Dr. Sanchi, are you all right? This red colour
is not going off. The red colour doesn’t go
quickly. This red colour will have to
come off. Priya!
– Grandma! You take rest. Don’t get up. Take a look. What is all this? All this is for
your unborn baby. Grandma, everything is so cute. And everything is pink. You used to roam around
in the house in a pink frock when you
were a child. And take a look. You used
to make noise with this toy. Priya, I want your baby
to be a princess like you. And she will add
to the happiness. ‘I’ll make sure,
it will be a boy.’ ‘My son should be a
great chess player’ ‘along with being an athlete.’ ‘The way Abhimanyu had learnt
to break into the Chakravyuh’ ‘when he was
in his mother’s womb’ ‘similarly, I want my son
to be a champion.’ What happened, Priya? You are happy, aren’t you? No, Grandma.
There’s nothing as such. Grandma! This.. What is all this? Baby! Why did she bring
the girl’s dress? Why didn’t she bring
the dresses for boys? Grandma, Vikrant means to say that we must buy for both
a girl and a boy. Of course. Vikrant is absolutely right. Never mind. This time, I liked pink dresses. So, I got it for the baby girl. Next time, I will get
blue dresses for the boy. Yes. There you go. Everything should be
of blue colour. Everything has to be perfect for my baby boy. Grandma, you talk to your
granddaughter. Meanwhile, I’ll finish my work.
Okay? And, baby, I love you so much. We’ll teach Veer such a lesson that he will always remember. But before that we’ll have
to hire bodyguards for you. This is just a beginning. I wonder, what he will do
in the future. We can’t take any more risks.
– No, Pragya. I don’t need any bodyguards. You are not getting..
– Pragya, please! I can’t give this
satisfaction to Veer that he has succeed
in scaring me. Anyway, forget about this. We have a lot to do.
– Okay. Dr. Sanchi.
Here are the few bills. We have to make the payment. Okay. Shall I say something? Why don’t you seek help
from Dr. Kabir? Give him a chance. I swear, I have seen
guilt in his eyes. No! I can’t trust Dr. Kabir. I admit,
he has helped us a lot but he is with Dr. Malhotra,
after all. And if we trust him then he may betray us any time. But still..
Trust him for.. Nurse, where is Dr. Kabir? Dr. Kabir has gone out
for a meeting since morning. Okay. Thank you. What should I do? Pragya! Hi, sir. You here! What’s the matter? Well.. Sir, actually,
I wanted to talk to you about something important. But in private. Okay. Fine. Please, come.
– Thank you. Yes, Pragya. Tell me. Sir, I want to talk to you
about Sanchi. She is tensed because
of losing the investors. And I have noticed
that you wish to help her. Then why don’t you speak
to her about this? Pragya, I had tried. But Sanchi doesn’t want
to talk to me. She doesn’t trust me anymore. Sir! By the way, I am too
inexperienced to tell you what is right and what is not. But still, I’d like
to tell you something. Not everyone gets
a second chance. So, tell your feelings
to Sanchi. She may understand you and forgive you. All right, Pragya. I will speak to Sanchi.
– Okay. But, sir, how will
you speak to her? If you approach her directly,
she might not even speak to you. Right. Hold on. Give this to Sanchi
and send her to this address. I’ll manage the rest.
– Okay. Done! Thank you so much. Sanchi! Hold on. I’ve a great news for you!
– What is it? We got an investor! What! When can we meet him?
– Right now. Look here. This is the address. The hospital car is waiting
for you outside. Leave. Hurry up. You should leave right away.
Why are you staring at me? Leave.
– Pragya, right now? Meeting and so late
in the night? Do you know
what a big shot he is? He always keeps travelling
from one country to another. Tomorrow morning,
he is leaving to Australia. So, you need to meet him
today itself. Please. I swear! Don’t let go of this
wonderful opportunity! I am just requesting you. Fine. I’ll meet him right away. Okay.. Good luck! Bye.
– Bye. Oh, God, this time around,
make everything normal between them! Please. ‘I’ll definitely teach
this guy a lesson.’ ‘Now, you’ll find me.’ ‘Kabir!’ ‘Kabir, I am over here.’ ‘Come.’ ‘Come..’ ‘Come.’ ‘Fast..’ ‘Kabir. Ka..’ ‘Dear, your mom
is on this side.’ ‘Come..’ This is the chapter from my past that I am going to read
before you, Sanchi. My childhood obligation that compelled me to become
loyal to Dr. Malhotra. I wish to share everything
with you today. Every single thing.
Then you may decide whether I am right or wrong.

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  1. Now after doing all this to Sachi, I am sure in next few episodes Veer will come to know
    about the truth and ask Sachi for forgiveness! Do you believe there will be any room to
    forgive him? now it's too much. Finally, Sachi should get married to Dr. Kabir.

  2. Veer and shachi Best Jodi hai kabir nahi hai agar veer ki MA thik nahi huaw to ham sireyal dekhan banda karege and veer ki MA shari sachae nahi bataaga to bandh kardo

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