Sarah Lomas, MD, General Surgeon – Berlin, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hello, my name is Sarah Lomas
and I’m a general surgeon. (gentle, calming music) I actually tried hard
not to choose surgery. It sort of chose me. It was my first clerkship
in medical school and I liked the pace of it,
I liked the patient care, I liked being able to actually
do the things for people and make them better so the rest of my clerkships,
I spent time trying to convince myself that
surgery was second best but in the end, that was my calling. (gentle, calming music) As a general surgeon, I offer a broad range
of help to my patients, anything ranging from breast malignancies and benign issues with the breasts to abdominal pathologies to colorectal to screening colonoscopies,
and even lumps and bumps. There are many things we
can do right in our clinic and some things, I have to
do in the operating room. (gentle, calming music)

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