Sara R. Roberts, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine-South Burlington, VT, UVM Medical Center

Hi, I’m Sarah Roberts. I’m a physician in
primary care internal medicine. I really like primary care because you
need to know a little bit about absolutely everything and you’re the
person who’s really in charge of taking care of your patients in a big-picture
kind of way, and you get to know them for years and years and years and be their
doctor. So I think it’s the big part is the relationship I really really enjoy
people and getting to know them and what makes them tick and their philosophy of
their health and primary care is all about that. It’s such a fun job. I love it.
Everyday, it’s so much fun. I love meeting people, I love asking them all sorts of questions about themselves. I love being the person that they confide
in. That’s such an honor and then we try to problem-solve and help out with
whatever issues are ailing them. It’s really fun.

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