Sanoviv Q&A with Elaine M. Pace: The Cost of Sanoviv

Here at Sanoviv we understand that
one of the questions that everyone has before they come or before they book
their return visit is about the cost. I’m happy to tell you that Sanoviv
is about a fifth the cost of a stay in a US
hospital; and you have all of this beauty on top of that. Expect your cost to run about twelve to
fifteen hundred dollars a day in a medical program. That includes daily consultations with
your doctor. Yes daily. Includes all of your consultations, tests,
and treatments with many of our other treating
professionals who are here and of course we’ll feed you; organic,
gluten free, allergen free; we’ll do everything we can
to take care of you. It’s easy to pack to come to Sanoviv. You don’t need to
bring anything except the things you’ll wear next to your skin because, we’ll provide
you with organic cotton clothing throughout your stay. Many of the elite
medical clinics in the united states and canada charge ten to twenty four thousand
dollars before you walk in the door. That’s for a less than twenty-four hour
visit, that does not include lodging and food. We understand that if you’re use to dealing
with health insurance that the actual costs of medical care can be very
frightening. Talk with your admissions coordinator about companies that we work with that
can help you claim some of the Sanoviv costs back from your insurance. They’ll even give you an estimate before
you come down. Your doctors will understand your
budget. Please be honest with us and with them about how much you have
available to spend or not to spend and they’ll help you pursue your optimal
health. As well as keep your finances in order.

3 thoughts on “Sanoviv Q&A with Elaine M. Pace: The Cost of Sanoviv

  1. ask them about your situation ie mine I have degen spine so I cant rebound.. do they have vibration plates? can one walk to the ocean and wade? Is there time in the sun daily? is the food raw or cooked outside of the juicing, what treatments do they have not listed ( many new are added to health clinics but websites arent up to date Ive noticed ), how long is the program, what items are ala carte and what is their cost range ( yes they can give those from best to worst case scenario ), what is the covered program cost and what does it include, are supplements provided there, what is the cost of the after care program when if folks have to go back, what things are sent home with patient after their visit that have cost included in program and what items must be purchased, what is hte average price range of supplements patients take home, from healthiest to least healthiest patient on the average , if they dont know this they are hiding something or too ignorant to go to go someplace else.. know that all drs are egoic and be sure any program involved with has ego free staff balancing out or the drs are progressive and open minded to CUSTOMIZE the program for each person NOT just their cancer type and stage grade. they should have a geneticist on board or consult and def should look at genetics for absences that are critical to cancer ( GSTM1 ) and morphs ( mthfr ) that each affect treatment survival outcomes with any program.

  2. Yes, I went to Sanoviv in 2000 when I suspected endometrial cancer as an outgrowth of Premarin birth control then more in menopause! I am now in Washington, DC with a healthcare case at US Supreme Court to combat FDA to bring Integrative Wellness to America. I went to Africa with Andrew Weil, MD to look at herbal medicine (previously 5 cents on the dollar converted to $500.00 a pill in America) in 1998, there is a whole new world soon to be ours in America. Now in 2019, my hematologist at Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center, George Town University Hospital and Medical School. Katharine Broome says, No Cancer!!!! Dr. Jan Hamilton, President & CEO Nutritional

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