24 thoughts on “San Francisco Hospitals Prepare For Spike In Coronavirus Cases

  1. Stay home for San Francisco only go to grocery store medical appointments walk the dogs if you have them and back home stay safe stay healthy

  2. KPIX's "top story" yet again spreading fear and sensationalism. No wonder all these liberals are so deranged. 🤷

  3. Meanwhile, people have lost their jobs and self-employed people are facing total disaster. GET EVERYONE MASKS NOW! Require people wear them at all times out of the house and let people go back to work. This situation is an economic calamity on families!

  4. Meanwhile in Stanislaus county they have all the employees at the welfare office. They only sent a few at home it’s an office of 1100 and employees stacked on cubicles almost on top of each other. many of them can work from home If they were loaned laptops and access to various phone applications.

  5. San Francisco is fine so far so don't need to worry there. A lot of cities and states are over reacting when there is nothing to worry about. People need to live life more.

  6. Bay Area still has cases of people dying from corona in San Mateo county and Santa Clara . It’s getting closer …. so we really need to stay home for the next few weeks so that it doesn’t spread more

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  8. We've barely begun testing for the virus. It's too late to "slow the curve". NY is just a glimmer of what is already here; they are doing the most testing.

  9. Once the ER staff (non replaceable) in your community hospital (no PPE's, no N95 masks or Gloves) get Corvid-19. YOU and your fellow neighbors no longer need a hospital, but a cremation.

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