SAMHSA’s Suicide Prevention App, Suicide Safe, for Health Care Providers

MUSIC IN DOCTOR: Thanks very much for coming in today. It was good to see you. See you next time. NARRATOR: Behavioral health and primary care settings provide unique opportunities to connect one-on-one with a patient. For someone who may be experiencing
suicidal ideation or behavior, meeting with their health care provider is a safe setting
to participate in a life-saving assessment. Research shows that approximately one out
of every two people who die by suicide have had contact with a primary care provider in
the month prior to their death. One out of every five people has seen a mental health provider in the month prior to their death. And one out of every ten people has been seen
in an emergency department in the two months prior to their death. Suicide is preventable. Experts in the field
have created research-based tools and resources to help providers confidently care for individuals
at risk. As a federal leader in suicide prevention, SAMHSA introduces the free Suicide Safe mobile
app–a learning tool for behavioral health and primary care providers. Suicide Safe helps providers integrate suicide
prevention strategies into their practice and address suicide risk among patients. The
mobile learning tool is based on SAMHSA’s Suicide Assessment Five-step Evaluation and
Triage, or SAFE-T, card–a nationally recognized tool for suicide assessment, developed in
conjunction with Screening for Mental Health. Key features include patient and provider
education materials, SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator, interactive
sample cases, and conversation starters. Suicide Safe helps providers learn how to use the
SAFE-T approach, and includes clinical education opportunities and support resources for providers
and their patients. Access to evidence-based resources, educational
opportunities, and SAMHSA publications ensures providers have the most up-to-date, relevant
information. To help a patient in need, providers can access
a map of nearby behavioral health treatment options, which can be filtered by type and
distance. Case studies provide in-depth exploration
about risk and protective factors, suicide inquiry, and risk level assessment and intervention. Start the conversation with a patient who
may be in need of suicide intervention. Suicide Safe provides sample communication approaches
that foster trust and optimize patient outcomes. Working with Screening for Mental Health and
SAMHSA’s grantees–the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the Suicide Prevention
Resource Center, SAMHSA offers this strategic new tool to support providers in their care
of patients. The app is fast to install and easy to use; simply visit
your tablet’s app store and search for “SAMHSA”. Or, click the link for your app store in the
description. Suicide Safe–The learning tool that helps
providers integrate suicide prevention strategies into their practice and address suicide risk
among patients. MUSIC OUT

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