Sam Pappas, MD – Rush University Medical Center

“I’m an upper abdominal cancer surgeon — that’s
my area of expertise. So I manage esophagus, stomach cancers, pancreas
cancers, liver and bile duct cancers, and I also manage neuroendocrine tumors. Oftentimes patients have multiple options
of treatment of their tumors — like chemotherapy, radiation, the combination of those two things,
or surgery. We try to reconcile what might be the best
approach for each individual patient. You could be thinking that surgery might be
the right approach right away, but it might make sense to wait and become a little bit
stronger for surgery or make sure that the tumor doesn’t grow in a short interval before
you go off to the operating room. To remove a tumor is a big component of cancer
care, and we try to strive for that if it’s safe to do it, and it’s meaningful, we try
to be as aggressive as possible to consider patients for surgery.”

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