Salem Hospital Medical Group provider Rebecca Njord, CNM

Hi, my name is Rebecca Njord and I am one
of the midwives. I did my midwifery training at the University of
Pennsylvania — and before that I went to Duke University for my bachelor’s in
nursing. My clinical interests really range across the whole lifespan. I love
taking care of women from that first period through birth control, reproduction,
having babies, all the way through menopause and beyond. One of the things I
love about working for Salem Health is that we have a huge network of different
specialists right at our fingertips. So we’re really able to help our patients
get the health they need for whatever their life is offering. When I meet a
patient for the first time, I hope that they feel really comfortable and
understand that this is a completely safe space — and that really there are no
TMI questions or questions that are going to make me uncomfortable. So when
I’m not in clinic you’ll find me playing with my puppy or paddleboarding or
hiking and experiencing everything that Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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