Sakakawea Medical and Coal Country Promo

“Upbeat music” Any employee or any doctor that becomes a member of our team at Sakakawea Medical Center or Coal Country is very
lucky because it’s such a great community. Great atmosphere and there’s
so many activities that they can become involved in. Our community spends a lot
of summer weekend summer nights on the lake. Boat Driver: I was gonna come and show you the monster fish you put me on. Lake Sakakawea is located 15 miles north of Beulah and Hazen. We have both Beulah Bay and Hazen Bay. Access to fishing and watersports. “Sound of boat taking off” I think the work/life balance is very
important. And I think that is definitely one thing that our facilities do well. Doctor: “We do appreciate everything you do for us for sure”. I grew up in Calgary which is well over a million people. I really fell in love with this community. It’s a very active community very friendly. The communities of Beulah and Hazen are great communities. I think they present well. Nurse: “no cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure”? It’s a safe comfortable environment where the care that you’re providing, you’re providing care to your neighbors, to your
friends, oftentimes your relatives and so it’s it’s really down-to-earth patient
care it’s not just a matter of numbers. Both Sakakawea Medical Center and Coal
Country Community Health Center have a joint CEO that works together to provide
great patient care within our communities. It’s a relationship that’s built on collaboration and its kind of unique across rural America. We work together as partners in the delivery of healthcare. And I think our biggest
accomplishment is is really working on care coordination with the patient and
the family at the heart of what we do. We’re able to work more as a team here. I mean we’re able to deal with the patients closer at a much more personal level. which makes this place very unique. We have a critical access hospital, federally qualified health center. that work together collaboratively. Through that collaboration we are able to utilize the strengths of our staff at either locations to provide services for both the health center and the hospital. And I think that makes us unique here. Not only in the delivery of health care but the outcomes for our patients but also then
the financial viability of our organizations has been strengthened by
us working together collaboratively. The culture of patient care in the Beulah
Hazen community is one of family. We take care of our patients just like
they’re our own. “Sound of hitting a golf ball” We’re a small town community, we know our neighbors, we trust our neighbors, we ask them to watch our place if we’re going to be gone for a period of time. And it’s just a comfortable environment to practice. We’re a very progressive. Healthcare services can be provided the new modern facilities. And I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to come work here.

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