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Hi it’s Tim here from Sage Business Group and I’m here today with one of our clients Simone McMillan from Evans Street Clinic. How are you going Simone? I’m very well Tim. Tell us a little bit about the Evans Street Clinic and when it was started and what you offer your patients. Okay so Evans Street Medical Clinic actually started in 1976 a long time ago at Macedon Street in Sunbury. It since, ten years later after that it went to Evans Street which is here so that’s been established business now for 43 years. Wow! So long-standing , probably the longest standing business here in Sunbury in regards to one of the medical practices. So our business offers a lot of allied health services. We have several doctors which have changed over the years and many retired or moved on, our longest-standing GP actually worked till he was in his 90s. So we have Dr. McGrath whose been here for the 43 year period, & Dr. Lajoie is one of the founding long owners as well. So they offer many services which includes you know general medical practice work for their client. They have allied health services which include physiotherapy, podiatry, dietitian, diabetic educator and also sorts of service. So it’s a full range services. Absolutely mental health is another big area that we actually offer here at the clinic which is huge so and a much needed service here in the community. So you’ve been client now with the Sage Business Group for the last few months, probably coming up to a year now, how have you found the experience in dealing with Sage in that time? I would have to say fantastic Tim. When we took over myself and my colleague Char came on board, we wanted to revamp the accounting services and actually bring us up to speed with other businesses that operate similar in the community. So basically we contacted you and you were fantastic in coming out very promptly may I say and bringing Kade who is a one of your colleagues, who has been absolutely fantastic and initiating the services for our company to establish a better accounting needs. So you’ve been working in the areas I know we’ve worked with the areas of tax and accounting, compliance we’ve also worked with us in the wealth management area as well [Correct, that is correct] with the team there so for anyone who is thinking about joining our firm what would you think you’d say to them? Do it absolutely do it. I would have to say you guys have helped us immensely. The process has been very streamlined and we felt very supported along the way. In regards to the team coming on board and identifying what areas needed to be established and rectified. Xero, Kade has been fantastic and introducing Xero to the business which has helped us immensely. We also receive as you know free tutorials we have assistance you guys are on hand for any of our small issues that may arise or we need clarification around. So it’s been it’s been fantastic Yeah that’s been great I think we doesn’t work in the insurances as well with yourself. Correct yes yes that’s correct. So you’ve taken on a lot that’s a really and it’s been really good for us. Thank you so much for your time Simone, appreciate coming in today and looking forward to many, many, many years working together in the future. No problem thanks Tim. Thanks Simone

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