Sac State Nursing Orientation

[Nursing Orientation 2011-01-19] [I pledge upon my honor to be faithful to the nursing student code of conduct.]>>Students are absolutely excited and overwhelmed I think that just again, the space, the computer labs and everything. Lots of smiles around the building today. [Will you coat this group please]>>In donning the white coat today, we as faculty are trusting you to uphold the professional values begun by Florence Nightingale in the 1800’s. [Clapping]>>Now that we’re here we are kind of all hands-on-deck mode. We’ve had lots of students helping setup our student reference library. Helping faculty unpack their offices, getting skills lab setup. We’ve had volunteers coming in on their off time to help us realize the full potential of the building. [Sound of Drill] [Sound of blood-pressure bulb]>>It’s just like a dream come true, it really is. Just going from the El Dorado hall where it was dark and cramped, to where we have open hallways and bright colors and just simulating the hospital unit just amazing. In El Dorado Hall it requires some degree of imagination to work with the manequins and the supplies that we had. But here everything is just perfectly simulated.>>When we first came into the building, and after thay had finished most of the construction, we walked around, there were lots of tears in faculty eyes. We decided it was like the velveteen rabbitt. We had been loved a lot when we were at our old space, but now we are finally real now that we’re here. [sound of marker] [Sound of faculty member off-camera]>>In signing the honor pledge today, you’re making a commitment to maintain the trust of the community. Not only while you are in the program, but for a lifetime.>>The first two weeks are really really jam-packed, all the students will get to experience what the building has to offer.>>this will definitely elevate the care that we give to our patients in terms of being able to go into actual units. It will elevate Sac State’s status as the regional bachelor nursing school, just so we can provide better care to our patients throughout the Sacramento region and promote the Sac State nursing program in the future. [Group]>>I am commited to demonstrate to the Division of Nursing core values …]>>It is just such a step-up, this is one of the most high-tech buildings we have on the Sac State Campus. [Congratulations, Cheering]====Transcribed by Robert J. Neep / Public Affairs====

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