Saç Ekimi Öncesi Sonrası I Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic

-When Did You Got A Hair Transplantation?
About a year ago -Why Did You Decide To Get A Hair Transplantation?
I feel discomfortable when I look at the mirror. Then I made a research and found Dr Serkan Aygın. He is a world wide famous person about hair transplantation. I came here. I had some prejudice about the operation but he comforted me. Actually there was nothing to be scared of. Now I am very happy. -When Did You Realize That You Were Loosing Your Hair?
My hair loss started after I return from my military duty. About 4 years ago. I think a shampoo I used triggered it. But mostly genetic. -Why Did You Trust Dr Serkan Aygın Clinic ?
I come across with the clinic in all of my researches. After learned that Doctor is world wide famous, I decided to come here. I am very happy and I have no regreds. -What Changed In Your Life After The Operation?
A lot of things have changed. The way I look into mirror have changed. My viewpoint to my environment has changed. I gained self confidence. -What Did You Like Most About Dr Serkan Aygın Clinic?
Their attention and relevance. That they didn’t evade me after the operation saying that “I already got his money”. After a year I am still coming here and they always welcomed me. The attention still continues. -What Do You Suggest The The Ones Who Are Suffering From Hair Loss?
I would suggest Dr Serkan Aygın. There is no other solution in medicine. All those serums and shampoos… Found out that when hair roots are gone It is done. I tried a lot of thing but after Dr Serkan Aygın I found the absolute solution.

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