Ryan Smith, MD – Rush University Medical Center

The types of patients that we tend to treat
are — number one — patients that have cosmetic concerns regarding their facial appearance. So perhaps they’re interested in facial
rejuvenation surgery — things like facelift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty. The other major component of my practice is
reconstructive surgery. This is to provide treatment for patients
that suffer from head and neck cancer, or have experienced facial trauma, or have developed
facial paralysis. It used to be thought that there was not much
you could do to make improvements for patients that had paralysis of the face, but we’ve
learned more recently that there are lots of different surgical and nonsurgical options
for these patients. It might involve Botox injections, or simple
procedures that we can do in the office, or it can involve surgery that’s a little bit
more extensive in order to re-create symmetry and restore movement of the face that was
lost due to the paralysis. The face is our outward representation of
who we are. And so when patients have conditions that
affect their facial appearance, it can significantly affect their quality of life, their self-confidence,
their ability to function in public, and the good news is we have many treatment options
available to make improvements for these things.

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