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Hey, guys! This is your last chance to get tickets to the Volume Two screening, Presented by Tugg! Go to to get your tickets now! I’ll see you there! RWBY Chibi! *Ren humming happily* [Pancake making noises] *satisfied hmph!* *suspicious* Hmm… [Suspicious Pancake Making Noises] Ren: *Eye twitching* *Growling in frustration* *rope creaks* *Snap and metallic thud of trap falling*
Nora: Ah! *Nora groans sickly* Aha! Where’s the syrup? Gimmie! Ren: *resigned sigh*
Nora: *Greedily grunts while trying to reach for the syrup.* Nora: Ughh… Ren: *Chuckles to himself* Nora: Huh? Jaune (quietly) : Hello there, my name is Jaune Arc. Today, I will be doing an A.S.M.R. video. Now, uh uh, some of you may be wondering, uh, y’know, what *is* ASMR? Well, let’s just say that it’s a way to get that funny tingling feeling in the back of your neck, like when you get a haircut, or when that special girl says “Hi!” in the hallway. Pyrrha: Hello!

100 thoughts on “RWBY Chibi, Episode 11 – Nurse Ruby | Rooster Teeth

  1. So, a Rooster Teeth character just said "Kung Fu Ninja slayer ultimate DEATH BATTLE 2" and nobody is even commenting on that?

  2. Why did Ren have to turn around to grab the syrup? Couldn’t he just grab it while looking at the pancake?

  3. Wait…

    Pyrrah: I died!

    (I'm so sorry, did I break your heart into quarters?)

  4. Did anyone else notice that Ren has way more eyelashes then any other of the Chibi boys? Are they trying to tell us something

  5. I feel like Weiss's sickness was period cramps
    I mean, the things Ruby offered to her seemed to be good for getting over period problems 🙂

  6. Juane doing an ASMR video was better than I expected. It was great 😀
    Motivational cat poster Blake was even better. Where Can I Buy the Motivational Blake poster?

  7. Y’know some people might be giggling from Nora eating a ridiculous amount and getting round and stuff, but the people who watched Ren’s backstory episode m i g h t g e t T R I G G E R E D . . .

  8. Ahfhhdfkhg I've listened to the music so much I recognize background themes fsfshd
    And Boop was playing over the pancakes section fdhfsgfhj

  9. I can't believe she's suprised. I mean they were raised by the same person and he broke the laws of physics when he shipped a corgi and a half million cans of dog food in a poster tube.

  10. Why did Weiss talk to yang she’s ruby sister they probably had similar things done for them when they where sick am I right ?

  11. Seriously, this is the cutest.

    Tai didn’t need medicine to make his girls feel better. He just needed to keep them warm and happy and loved!

  12. Weiss is sick because she lost the death battle, although she might need something a bit more advanced then a few pills or something

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