Rutgers Doctor Uses Flying Hospital To Help Patients

A trip to the ophthalmologist is pretty
routine for most people but at Orbis we do it on a jet. Orbis is all about getting
people together to fight or eliminate preventable blindness throughout the
world. My job is really to maximize the vision of as many people as I can and
come in contact with. The cool way we do it is by operating and teaching on a
Flying Eye Hospital. While working with Orbis, I’ve traveled to over 20
different countries worldwide, places that you’d never think of going on your
own, maybe not even be able to get to, and it’s just really an opportunity to not only
help individual patients but really work with doctors throughout the world. We’re
trying to teach them but we learn to when we go, but it’s all about improving
vision and whatever it takes to get there. Well, you know, some people would
say “how could you spend all this time working on one small organ, the eye?” You
know it’s the window to the body. Sometimes I sit back when I’m there and I’ll say, wait a minute, just think what I’m doing here, what an opportunity. It’s a
gift that has an impact throughout the life of an individual. When you restore sight
to a person, that’s a big thing.

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  1. I would like to know if I can invite you guys to beautiful 🇯🇲 Jamaica, my twin daughters would do well with your help, they are having problems seeing the chark board in class, please let me know your response thanks

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