Rusty Deadlocked Vise – Perfect Restoration

There’s a part missing and the screws are broken off. The movable jaw is stuck. Let’s try to loosen it. Just a bit of WD-40. Nope… It’s not moving at all, I need a different solution. I made these two parts on the mill. And these two bolts. Let’s see if it works. It was stuck until the last millimeter. The dove tail looks very good. I expected it to be a lot worse. No chance, they’re still stuck as well. I’m using an impact driver. I’m removing this pin after cleaning. I hammered 30 minutes for this one. I’m removing the spindle after cleaning. Cleaning the hole with a small wire brush. Here with Scoth Brite… and here with sandpaper. OK, let’s remove these pins. I made these two plates to pull them out. Fix it on the pin with a weld. Worked perfectly. Removing deep scratches with a file. And finish it with sandpaper. Same here. Flat out the surfice with an oilstone. I’m using this oilstone for the dove tail. Let’s try to remove the broken screws. Drilling a small hole in the center. I’m using this screw extractor. It’s not working, the screw is too small. I’m removing them with an endmill. And drill the core here. Worked perfectly. Prepare the parts for sandblasting. Aluminium tape. I made this part to protect the thread. Time for sandblasting. The aluminium worked very well. This hole appeared after sandblasting. I seal it with filler. Degreaser. Hammerite Direct To Rust Metal Paint I’m painting with a toothpick. While the paint is drying, let’s make the missing part. I found this shaft in my shop, which was perfect for it. I found two screws which fit perfectly. But they needed a bit of care. OK, let’s make these parts black. But first I need to check if they have been heat treated… Nope, regular soft steel. ~300°C Rapeseed oil. I’m not a fan of these rough jaws at all. That’s why I bought flat ones. New screws are included. Ready to reassemble. Grease. A lot of grease. Voilà Like, comment, subscribe. Thank you for watching Subscribe here

100 thoughts on “Rusty Deadlocked Vise – Perfect Restoration

  1. Gressel still makes the same vice today and many more. If you use the code "mymechanics" you get 10% off. They deliver world wide. If you're located not in switzerland, order with e-mail and mention the code

  2. This vide has restored my faith in humanity.. at almost 21 million hits it is more popular than Byoncee or Rita Ora ( Girls you need to catch up with more thought over material ) It does not get much more tranqulizing than this , still more interesting that the two aforementioned talents

  3. I hope those pushing unlike on this video get their fingers in this old perfect restordre vice- who are these plp ,wtf

  4. I don't think I need music some people just so critical the restorations made sounds original processed.

  5. Now I understand why some of these vises costing in the 100s of dollars per vise. So much metal and time wasted on each piece.

  6. Damn straight I SUBSCRIBED. That was a great journey captured on film. So cool to see the whole process not just the before and after. Thanks for creating this channel to the restoration of real quality.

    It would have been SO easy to just toss this in the trash and go to a harbor freight store for some crappy piece of low quality steel item that would fail after three uses.

    Instead you took the time to restore and return to glory an real piece of craftsmanship from years gone by. I was right there with you as I saw the road blocks to the resto, and thought how I would solve them and compare notes.

  7. Alles, was man braucht ist ein 10.000 € Maschinenpark und schon kann man einen Schraubstock für 80,- restaurieren. 🙂 Coole Arbeit. Hätte ich auch gerne alles am Start.

  8. Ich werde sehr beeindruckt von dir sein, wie du mit all diesen Ps erfolgreich sein kannst, die du am besten auf youtube findest

  9. Wieso hast du nachgeprüft ob der Stahl wärmebehandelt wurde? kann man einen solch behandelten nicht schwarz einlassen?

    Und.. was nimmst du zum einfetten?

  10. Also ich würde mit diesem Schraubstock keine Minute arbeiten…!
    Dafür ist er einfach viel zu wertvoll (: *
    Ziehe hier ganz ganz tief den Hut vor dieser
    exzellenten MEISTER ARBEIT ! 👍👌👍👌

  11. такая работа вызывает уважение.молодец.а вот покраска надписей – лишнее.

  12. Надо было в кока-коле замочить тиски ржавчина бы сразу отвалилась и они были бы как новые 😄

  13. Das war Wunderbar! Sehr gut gemacht!
    Big& Fat thumbs up: you ahve just earned yourself a new subscriber from Montreal!

  14. Execllent work and a VERY nice vice.

    Did you consider using electrolysis to remove the rust?

    You said that you weren't a fan of the rough edge on the jaw face. You could have reversed the face and saved the price of the new ones.

    Just suggestions.

  15. Красноярск.прекраснуй труд и результат.руки откуда надо растут.уважение .

  16. а как работать с такими?) я бы на полочку поставил)

  17. Красиво, но я бы покрасила в другой цвет и буквы не выделяла белым. И вообще зачем у меня этот видосик в рекомендациях , я даже не знаю для чего эта штукенция предназначена

  18. Though the average DIY`er is not going to have all the tools & machinery that you have, not to mention the serious time & patience. Itll be cheaper to purchase a new vice! Lovely work though, real dedication…..

  19. Easy home project.

    Buy rusty vice for £10.00

    Kit out metalwork shop £80,000

    Indulge 75 hours of labour, £50 in materials and ‘viola’….

    You have a £50 vice!

    I admire your patience and covet your workshop.

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