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Olya is from Russia and studies at Seoul National University in Seoul. She came to see Dr. Kim at Renovo Skin Clinic because she wanted to professional exfoliation and increase the projection of her chin without implants or surgery. Olya begins her treatment by having her face fully cleansed and then going to scan her face into the skin imaging system. Dr. Kim recommended that she had micro dermabrasion and chin filler which can last for one year. Skin imaging is an important tool Renovo Skin Clinic uses to evaluate a variety of skin conditions like moles , freckles , blemishes, pores and other skin conditions. After the skin imaging is done Olya’s face is prepared and the exfoliation process begins. Micro-dermbrasion is a non-invasive no downtime procedure that uses mechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the face. This allows new healthier skin cells to surface and leads the skin with a fresher glowing look. After just one treatment the skin is noticeably smoother. Skin Clinics use a much more powerful version than the home products you can buy in stores or online. A specialized cooling and healing mask is prepared after exfoliation and it is left on for about 15 minutes. Once the mask is taken off the exfoliation treatment is complete. The face has been cleaned and creams are applied to ensure healthy healing. Because Olya is going to undergo chin filler injection a numbing cream is applied to prepare for these injections. The cream is left on for about 20 or 30 minutes depending on the case. Once the cream has done its job, the chin is disinfected and since the chin is numb, you won’t feel the injection but we will give you our lovable doll to hug just in case you’ re nervous. The amonut of filler indections you will need depends on your case. Dr. Kim will expertly inject and mold the filler to give you a beautiful chin . Fillers are also commonly used under the eyes, around the mouth lines and for the nose as well. As you can see from Olya’s reaction this process is relatively pain free. It is important to know that this kind of injection also has an anti injection. If you don’t like the filler look, Dr. Kim can inject the anti filler, and the filler will dissipate instantly. In just a few minutes the treatment is done and Olya has the chin she has always wanted. if you would like exfoliation , fillers or other skin treatments Contact us at
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