Rush University Medical Center Implements C▪CURE 9000 and victor Unified Security

I’m Lauris Freidenfelds, I’m the Security Director at Rush University Medical Center, being in a large city of Chicago we have the challenge of an open environment in a very urban environment, so we have to provide security from a perspective of perception and as well as a reality, we have to keep the institution secure and also make sure the people feel secure. At Rush it’s a combination of operations, technologies and architecture, to make sure that we have a successful security program. We have over 20 buildings that we have part of our complex, 5 million square feet under rough, we cover a lot of blocks within the urban environment and so we also have an educational component as well, we have the Rush University which has over 2,000 students. The technology aspect of it is supported by Software House and American Dynamics and victor to make sure that we can enhance our security officer’s ability to be able to go ahead and handle any kind of calls or surveillance in an efficient and effective manner. I started in the security industry back in the 70’s and have been a security consultant since late 1980’s early 1990’s, I learned that, you know trying to mix several different components from different manufacturers was a real challenge, so I was really happy to be able to get all the access control, the video, alarm management so forth from one manufacturer because that made my life a whole lot easier and it makes it a more effective security program at Rush. I learned that Software House was born and raised in a security world, it wasn’t a technology that just adopted security as a means to sell a product, it really is a program, a concept and a system that is built with security in mind. VideoEdge has been able to go ahead to combine all of our video cameras into a singular system We’ve utilized some of the customized layouts for the security officers; one security officer during the day shift may choose to look at some cameras while the security officer at night wants to look at a completely different set of cameras. One of the great things about the CCURE and AD interface is that I can put a lot of cameras into the background that aren’t really looking at anything, and when a alarm comes up, I pull that camera up for the security officer to be able to see it. It’s kind of called Exception Based Viewing, a lot of cameras are looking at stairwells and doors that aren’t doing anything, they don’t need to be bothered with that, they can look at the active cameras and make sure that they can see what’s going on in those camera views. We really enjoy the support of Software House and our integrator Advent as we made the migration from the 800 to the 9000, it’s always a major production and we have to bring in the IS folks and all the integrators and software house to really make a success and quite frankly it went in really nicely, smoothly and were humming along with it really well. Software House and American Dynamics really created an opportunity for me to do my job real well, the technology aspect that they provide, the support that they provide makes me feel like I’ve got a really true good partner in making Rush a safe and a good place for people to come.

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