Rush Medical College

I came here from Duke Singapore. And I had
just finished a stint building up a new medical school in Singapore. And I was ready for a
new challenge when I came to Rush. And I am very clear that I made the right
choice. I actually got confirmed by a person on the
elevator at the apartment building that I was staying in. She saw me wearing the Rush
badge and she stopped and said one of the oncologists right here at Rush, Dr. Bonomi,
had saved her husband’s life. And even though it was right next door to Northwestern, they
chose to come to Rush. Somebody stopping me and telling me, it’s unusual. Rush Medical College has its origins from
a clinical enterprise building a medical school. It’s one of the very few institutions in the
U.S. which is not part of a big, large, comprehensive university, but a very focused, health service-oriented
university. Everything towards one mission. By providing the best clinical care, by providing
the teaching for the next generation of physicians, and by doing the research and translating
knowledge to practice. What they kind of do is tack, the pleura to
the outer wall, to the chest wall. Everything towards one mission. Rush Medical College is closely connected
to its own hospital. And the faculty are also the practitioners. You get a chance to work
almost like the old apprenticeship model. To interact with the physicians all the time.
The more you interact, the student learns a lot more. To experience, not just, go and
listen to somebody, but actually to experience the art of medicine as well as the science
of medicine. No one wants to come to a hospital. So if
you come in, it’s not just a question of getting help, but also feeling like you got the right
help, people care about you. And if people care, which is what Rush values are all about,
it really translates into people wanting to come back and to seek help at Rush. So Rush is focused on trying to identify students
who have an interest in community service. Not just intent, but have actually done some
community service even before they come. Rush has also played a role in fostering that.
It has the right people in place, who are connected to the community and who show by
doing rather than by talking. You should know why you want to do medicine. And gladly share such knowledge as the skills
of another are needed If you know why you want to do medicine, and
you’re doing it for the right reason, medicine is fun. It can be like following a Sherlock
Holmes adventure. If you come in for the wrong reason, it will be a burden. It’s not a career.
Medicine is a calling.

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