Rush Medical College Student Profile

My name is Christopher Green. Originally from
New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised there. I am one of the fourth year medical students
at Rush Medical College. I went to Notre Dame. I majored in psychology
as well as premedical sciences. I had a pretty big hunch I wanted to pursue
medicine, when I was, I want to say about eight years old or so. Actually after my grandfather
passed away, from cirrhosis. I didn’t understand what cirrhosis was. His death really piqued
my interest in science. In between my sophomore and junior year, I
worked at AmeriCorps in New Orleans with, essentially elementary school students, as
well as some middle school students who had also experienced what I experienced during
the storm. Hurricane Katrina. I figured out that I wanted to pursue something
that would allow me to combine my love of science with good will towards others. And
essentially only medicine fit that bill. Rush is different from other medical schools.
The emphasis on community service. We love working with underserved populations.
I spent most of my time outside of the hospital either volunteering or working on community
health projects. I plan to work either as a stroke neurologist or someone who works
in the ICU, you know, with underserved populations. During fourth year is when medical students
do what we call a sub-internship. At about 8:00 a.m. in the morning, you meet
with the rest of the team to formally round on all of your patients.
Um, Seven point five before. And then her Oxy-CR from Q12 to Q8. So she she said she
felt a lot better. And then you gotta pay the full thing.
Yeah, I don’t think I could afford $18.50. Oh no. That’s big bucks.
One thing I really enjoyed about Dr. Rao, who was my attending, was her ability to empathize
with patients. This last Monday we all found out whether
or not we matched into a residency for the next four years. But I don’t know which residency. Tomorrow morning at about eleven a.m. we’ll
open an envelope that reveals all the information about where we matched
Chris Green! Two, one, open your envelopes!
I just found out that I matched at Rush. So I’m so excited. Very happy.
My passion is service. I would say my medical education here has
certainly exceeded my expectations. Rush is the place to be.

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