Royce Ryker, FNP-BC, Gastroenterology – The Corvallis Clinic

When you listen to a patient, and you
hear their story, and it’s been, often times with GI symptoms and problems
that’s been with people for quite some time.
Sometimes it’s a it’s quick, and we can find the answer and we can treat them
with antibiotics, or give them a medication and the problem is solved. But
often times it has been plaguing an individual for a long time and to be
able to get satisfying results from the patient’s point of view, is very
rewarding. Well I love Corvallis, I’ve been here for quite some time. This is, I consider this my home, I grew up in the Northwest as well and I just moved more
South in the northwest when I married my husband. But I have three kids,
and we enjoy camping together and I have two labradoodles, that that we adore and
baby and basically my free time is what my kids are doing and I followed them
around whatever their interests are. The main things that I see on a regular
basis would be people who are suffering from symptoms related to their GI tract,
heartburn, nausea, stomach aches, change in their bowels, bleeding, or other more
obscure issues like elevated liver enzymes that they find from their
primary providers. A workup or iron deficiency anemia, and
I’d be a part of that process on trying to figure out why those were elevated in
the first place, or why there’s anemia, or if there’s a blood loss where that’s
coming from. And help with the symptoms associated
with that. What I love about my practice at The Corvallis Clinic in gastroenterology
is the team Dr. Chun is a phenomenal doctor, and she’s thorough, and kind and a
very scientific, she, she looks for the newest, and the most up-to-date
approaches in gastroenterology. And the team supporting both of us with Doug and Lisa our assistants, and Annie our scheduler, they’re phenomenal.
They love the patients, they care for the patients, and and I feel like the
patients have a rapport with the entire team.

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