Royal Preston Hospital – Day Case Unit

Hi and welcome to Royal Preston Hospital day case unit. When you arrive at the hospital on the day
your operation you will need to tell the person at the
admissions office that you have arrived. If there is nobody there come straight to day case unit. You go up the main corridor, day case unit is on the right hand side, it’s sign posted. You need to tell the person at the reception you have arrived. The lady will ask you to wait in the waiting area. One of the nurses will call you through to the children’s bay, you will wait there. There will be toys available and a DVD to watch. The nurse who is looking after you will put a name band onto your wrist so that everyone will know who you are. The nurse will then take your temperature
with a machine called a tympanic thermometer. The thermometer goes gently in your ear
and beeps and tells the nurse how warm you are. Next the nurse will check your blood pressure using a machine that attaches around your arm which feels like an armband like when you go swimming. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt. Before you go for your operation the nurs will put some magic cream on the back of your
hands and cover it with a clear plaster so that it doesn’t escape. They might even draw a funny face on them. The anaesthetist also comes to visit you. This is the doctor
who helps you go off to sleep before your operation. Play staff are available to help you. They can play games to help distract you
and come with you when you go to sleep. When it is time for your operation the nurse will take you and your parent or care to see the anaesthetist. Don’t forget to take your cuddly toy if you bought one from home. In the anaesthetic room you will be asked to lie on the bed. This is the room where you will go to sleep. A nurse will wipe off the magic cream and check your name band. Your parent or carer and nurse from the ward will be in the room with you. The anaesthetist will put a sponge peg on one of your fingers and some stickers on your chest. These are attached to a
monitor that shows how fast your heart is beating and
how much air is in your body. The anaesthetist will put a little tube into your hand called a canular. Don’t worry it won’t hurt as it goes where the magic cream has been, that area will be numb. The anaesthetist will help you go to sleep by putting some medicine into the canular. Count to 10 and you will soon be asleep. Sometimes the anaesthetist may ask you instead to breathe into a mask and blow up a green balloon. The mask will have sleepy air coming
into it and this will help you go to sleep. When your operation is finished you
will wake up in the recovery room and a nurse will be looking after you. The nurse will send for your parent or carer to come and be with you. When you are awake you will be taken back to the children’s
bay on a trolley. You can lie on the trolley or sit in a
comfortable chair. The nurse will give you a drink and something to eat usually toast. When you have had a rest it
will be time for you to go home and the nurse will give you any
instructions that you might need to help you with your recovery, for example
medicines you might need to take. If you have any questions or concerns
about your visit to hospital please contact the play staff for information and help. Thank you and look forward to meeting you soon.

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