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Hi, I’m Dr. Frank Lista and welcome to Operating
Room number 1 here at The Plastic Surgery Clinic. So lots of patients ask me about implant
shape. So, basically, there are 2 different shapes of implants. Implants can either be
round or they can teardrop shaped. How do we choose? Well, first of all, the number
one rule is, and if you’ve seen any of our videos so far you know the number one rule
is, create a breast that looks beautiful, that has a beautiful shape and looks natural.
So, every patient gets an implant that’s been determined to be the right implant for them.
How do we decide that? Well, first of all, implants can either be round or teardrop so
let me show you an example. Here’s a round implant and here’s a teardrop-shaped implant.
You notice this implant is perfectly round. This implant has a shape that looks like a
teardrop. Now, this implant, the teardrop implant, is really useful for patients who
have droopiness, or if they have what we call constricted lower pole. Constricted lower
pole is a tightness in the bottom part of the breast. Because this implant, you see,
is more full at the bottom than it is at the top, it will stretch out a tight lower pole.
So patients, some patients have what we call constricted lower pole, or a tuberous breast
deformity, and so those teardrop shape implants are really important for patients who have
those conditions. Now what about if you don’t have that condition, what if you have a normal
breast? Well we used to think that teardrop shaped implants looked more natural than round
implants. But if your breast is normal, 2 new studies out of Europe have shown that
people can’t tell the difference. What they did is they took a bunch of women who had
round implants and a bunch of women who had undergone teardrop shaped implants, they took
their photographs, they shuffled them up, and they showed them to plastic surgeons and
to patients, to women, and they said “can you guess which implant this is, round or
teardrop?” And it turned out that if the patient started off with a normal breast, neither
the women nor the plastic surgeons could tell if the implant was round or teardrop. So,
what we know then is in a normal-looking breast, just a small normal breast, people can’t tell
the difference between round and teardrop, they both look the same. So if they both look
the same, we’re going to choose the implant that’s safer, and round implants have a lower
complication rate than teardrop shape implants. So in a normal breast, a round implant will
look exactly the same as a teardrop shape implant, we’ll choose the safer and that’s
usually round. But your breasts won’t look round! It’ll look exactly like a teardrop
shape implant. So, in summary, if you have a normal breast, we’ll choose the safest implant
which gives an equal result: round. But if you have a special problem like droopiness
or a constricted lower pole or tuberous breast deformity, we’re going to use a teardrop shaped
implant. The key is pick the implant for the patient that gives the most natural look possible.
Thanks for watching.

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