100 thoughts on “Rosenbaum trial: Physician testifies about Laila Daniel emergency room treatment

  1. Hes giving the perps the death glances love Dr dreamy here hate those baby killers I am pretty sure they gonna get theirs!

  2. Does the defense plan to share “how she did cpr. How she did the Heimlich maneuver?” Inquiring minds would love to know the excuses.

  3. They had an AGENDA!!!!! Why? It is her personal reason. She needs help in coming to the realization of the physical & emotional pain she has inflicted upon small children with a RESULT of death on smallest/youngest Victim! She needs to be told of the pain she has inflicted on EVERYONE!!!! This is just not hurting the biological family, but the community and everyone else that is now realizing what other types of predators are out there since 2015 being prosecuted in 2019. Jennifer why? Are you a narcissist? Or just plain evil?

  4. Those little girls must have been so fightened permanently for 4 months!!! That def attorney is prob gonna claim that the baby arrived at the foster home with a broken arm!! That Jennifer must've enjoyed torturing those children!!! I hope they kick shit outta her in prison!!

  5. Would this kind of fracture be painful? Are you fkn kidding me what kind of question is that!! I had a hairline frature in my wrist i was crying and screaming in pain . So can only imagine the pain that baby felt.

  6. It completely broke my heart when he did the pose regarding the nightstick fracture…i can’t get that image out of my head of that poor baby trying to defend herself 😔

  7. Please tell me that this defense attorney isn't trying to pass the bruising, abrasions, and internal organ injuries on this baby's body, off as being caused by CPR and/or the hiemlich! This oxymoron, is going to help convict her own clients, for sure!

  8. This dr was not happy seeing the injuries on this child. Got the little girl x-rayed from top to bottom. He was disgusted & upset with the injuries on 2yr old Laila

  9. You can tell by the pic they show his face turns red. He is pissed, his heart is hurting, he feels a loss as if she was his own. Sad.

  10. I couldn't be a defense attorney and defend parents like these who are just worthless evil monsters. I hope they are tortured every day of their miserable lives.

  11. Why why why do they need this court reporter talking into that stupid device.. cant they just tape it and transcribe it? That is the most stupid looking thing ever, along with the huge cones people stuck in their ears to hear better.

  12. That was a stupid objection on defense side cause the perimedic had to explain what they did in ambulance. It has to be reported to the doctor when arriving there what was she afraid of

  13. The big evil bitch broke that little baby! I'm ellited that she got just what she deserve!! She is a stone killer!!!!!!!!

  14. I was watching the doctor when testifying glancing over at Jennifer & Joseph with disgust I just noticed it when defense attorney was asking questions

  15. Ohhhhh I hope the two of them live in HELL every single day for the rest of their lives… only a coward abuses a child. So sorry sweet girl so many people let u down!!! 😢🙏

  16. Every adult involved in the welfare of these children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. How scary it is that THIS IS THE UNITED STATES FOSTER CARE SYSTEM.

  17. That poor little baby girl . After years and years of taking care of ppl , this doctor is obviously deeply saddened and disheartened at the thought of someone purposely harming this sweet baby. So sad.

  18. Why couldn’t the biological grandmother ( not great grandmother) have taken those babies in so they never would have been in the care of that monster she looks evil I got a chill just looking at her eyes of a picture of her

  19. What malnutrition got to do with broken bones bruises all over her little body. This dr is not stupid the CPR would not cause this type of bruising that's why he got x-rays done

  20. That jennifer woman is a monster . Drug addict or not if they left that baby with her real mother she would still be alive and treated alot better than that monster treated her .

  21. Omg she's trying alking to a doctor not just someone she picked off the street. CPR & hymican would not cause broken bones and bruises all over their little bodies even if the person didn't know how to do it some of the bruises were old ones plus the broken arm I did hear Jennifer got the broken arm checked when it happened

  22. Love the fact that this dr basically made a paper trail by ordering a full body scan to show old fractures bc he knew this angel were being abused by those demons !!! Praise God for placing his angels in the right places. He did his part by speaking up for those babies and making sure those guilty of hurting them would get what they deserved and they would get justice !! Rest In Peace sweet babies! May you be seated at his feet in his kingdom and NEVER HURT, be SCARED, worried ever again but only feel love and peace !!!

  23. this is so sad, cant believe it how someone can be so evil, she needs that done to her and locked up for good so she cannot do this again to some poor innocent child

  24. There's a difference between new and old bruising, and if those bruises were made during an attempted heimlich remover, then wouldn't the doctors know?

  25. I seriously wanted this woman to be innocent. But she isn't. How can someone be such a monster? Poor child. I feel horrible for her biological mother. Jennifer's attorney should be ashamed of herself for continuing with this case.

  26. This evil monster just bear these BABIES and broke their itsy bitsy bones. Still balling over these babies.
    SHE made these babies eat throw up.

  27. Cross examination was a crock of shizz… H manoeuvre prior to hospital??? Really?
    Truly, how do they sleep at night, knowing they are defending child abuse???

    Those who were involved in this child’s life were the enemy of this child….absolutely zero attempt to save a child this badly abused…I wouldn’t doubt for one second, they probably laughed or got off on this poor child’s death! Sick (insert expletive of choice here)!
    And where in the heck is child services? I’m so tired of hearing these sad stories of abused children!

    They contribute just as much neglect as these ignorant sods do (supposed parents)!

    I think any government should have an investigative department that should go after these CPS(USA), Children’s Aid(Canada)…etc…and lock them up as well! What a waste of tax payers money…and believe you me, these clowns make nice coin all while not doing their jobs🙄🙄🙄😒…typical government paid lazy ass employees as far as I’m concerned!

  28. If the death penalty is in that State if Jennifer appeals she could get it. She shouldn't be allowed to appeal period. She is going to suffer in prison if inmates can reach her if they can't she will be spit on alot. Apparently she's already been punched & spit on they had to sedragate her away from the other cells cuz of this

  29. Even doctors police & EMS at seeing so many injuried or killed. They definitely would need counseling after seeing a child in the shape she was in. Even some inmates with hardened hearts would have a hard time holding their emotions

  30. This dr does the same as my dad did if he was unhappy the more unhappy he was he would look at u over the rim of his glasses watching this dr u can tell how disgusted he is with them

  31. What's the point of the healing they never took her in to get it cast they just let her suffer the same as asking about if she was well nourished

  32. as a nurse this testimony made my blood boil… how could these people do this to a helpless child? but this defense lawyer is a pathetic bitch…

  33. You sir are a hero doctor! Not afraid to speak up ! Finally Amen to you sir look very upset. Thank you for trying to be the voice of the poor babies asking for help. Why there are dumb ass defense attorneys is beyond me! How do u live with defending a child abuser

  34. Hey you the defense attorney you are a nasty pos. What are you hiding? How can she protect adults who allowed this to happen. I hope she gets everything she deserves

  35. I can hear the emotion in his voice and see it on his face. That sweet baby suffered every minute of every day she was with Jennifer Rosenbaum.

  36. Poor baby, people in the comments are retarded, THERE MUST BE A FUCKING DEFENSE, no matter how awful the crime, stupid fucks.

  37. At 4:03 the way the doctor glares at the Rosenbaum's was a, "I hope you rot in hell," look. You could tell all the way through his testimony that he was hurt and pissed for that poor child

  38. I cant imagine wanting to be a Dr to help save peoples lives, and having to see something like this, to just a baby, so horribly battered and beaten, in cardiac arrest, which is not something usually seen in an otherwise normal toddler. Knowing she was in sooo much agonizing unimaginable pain, and in every inch of this little girls body, bruises all over this baby's body, head, the damage done to her insides, so bad her organs separated. I cant imagine how upset and disgusted they must feel knowing I havent had to see her face to face, laying helpless and broken on a cold table, I am so angry and pissed, I can just imagine what these people would like to see happen to the Rosenbaums.

  39. As I watch this video about the case of this little girl it just makes me sick. Earlier today I was with my family more specifically my brother's four kids which range from ages 8 to 18 months old I could never see myself hurting any of them and if anyone ever hurt them or any of my other nieces or nephews they have to throw me in prison because of what I would do to their abuser.

  40. Well fed,but beating to death 😳is she for real well nourished who gives a shit about looking well nourished she was batterd bless her she looks so weak in them pic 😢

  41. Love this doc!! He's direct and to the point, so sad that this baby was harmed by these monsters and medical injuries couldn't save her

  42. Mull just plucked my damn nerves again I’ve watched this already but I still want to slap the shit out of her with this damn well nourished mess wth does that have to do with this baby passing away! She was so innocent a child! I just want to scream!!!

  43. A very very sad 😭 story. Thank you 😊Doctor, for you speaking up for abuse children 👶GOD BLESS YOU. R I P. TOU ARE WITH GOD NOW. NO ONE WILL EVER HURT YOU AGAIN. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. That poor baby In her little life she suffered so much, I can't imagine to be born shipped around no stable home missing her mom grandma then beaten so many times , bless her little 💓

  45. To all those that say Dr's are overpaid… think about this great man having to try so desperately to try to save this small child…. he'll carry a piece of that with him ALL the days of his life…. Good on you SIR

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