100 thoughts on “Rosenbaum trial: Hospital nurse talks about the night Laila Daniel died

  1. God only knows why these monsters decided to take this to trial and not negotiate a plea is beyond me. Bad defense attorney, they never had a chance this was a huge waste of time. So much evidence of abuse and they thought they would get away with it?? Dear Lord, rip sweet girl I am so sorry this happened to you.

  2. Stand up nurse on the stand. She’s educated & compassionate & handles this situation very well. And yes you can tell that it is affecting her. My heart goes out to her & all nurses that have this type of ethic & compassion. I wish that I could give this woman a hug.

  3. She was fighting back tears. I'm so glad there are good souls that are able to do that job and help get justice for little boys and girls who've been abused. I believe it's probably one of the most difficult jobs on the planet.

  4. Thank you to all the wonderful people who work in such tragic circumstances like this. To this wonderful nurse and every other competent and caring nurse – thank you.

  5. God I pray that the "FOSTER PARENTS" get what they deserve.
    My husband and I have been foster parents for a very very long time. Every chiled that entered our home was our children. We loved them as our own. Ass [email protected]!$ like this give good foster parents a bad name! 💚💚💚💚💚
    Love to all the children.
    We as parents are so sad and sorry theses jerks use there roll in such an evel way. Prayers and love to you all.

  6. OMG!!!! This nurse has more composure than me cause I promise you I would have been found in contempt of court cause I promise you I would have cursed this defense lawyer out a long time ago. She know fucking well ain’t no way in hell you get bruising around the groin area from either CPR or the Heimlich maneuver. I learned both when I was a freshman in high school and I been out of school over 20 years and I still know what the hell to do. They beat this poor baby to death then wanna call 911 talking bout she chocking on some chicken. No where in when I was taught the Heimlich was I taught to use a butter knife to remove an object that was stuck in a persons airways finger yes but butter knife FUCK NO!!!!

  7. Offtopic- mean no disrespect toward the little angel that went through this horrible ordeal, but can someone explain to me how the 'thing' works that the "court reporter/secretary" is using..? The lady setting in front of the witness nurse thats testifying. I usually see them typing the transcript, but have been noticing more of them using this thing held up to their mouth. Is she repeating(like whispering or low tone) what everyone is saying? Thanks in advance.

  8. May god bless you for trying to help Laila,but she didn’t stand a chance,she is with the angels now safe and happy.

  9. Bless this nurse !! It seems she is having a hard time reliving this night on call , by having to explain to the courts of a lifeless Child 💔

  10. I felt bad for her. You could see her trying to hold back her distress. She seemed really upset discussing this. No wonder!


  12. I may sound ignorant, but am I the only one wondering what is that over the lady’s mouth?

    Edit: A stenomask is a hand-held microphone built into a padded, sound-proof enclosure that fits over the speaker's mouth or nose and mouth. Some lightweight versions may be fitted with an elastic neck strap to hold them in place while freeing the user's hands for other tasks. The purpose of a stenomask is to allow a person to speak without being heard by other people, and to keep background noise away from the microphone.

  13. Medical do no harm, I think these doctors to be held accountable especially when the hospital seems in Medford to be set in child welfare, to a royal ct, and stock market

  14. She really held it together I’m so thankful she was there she’s a super hero for speaking for her this child since this precious baby couldn’t.

  15. I'm sorry. I know we're all innocent until proven guilty. Also we have the right to an attorney to make sure we get a fair trial. These facts are the basis of our justice system. However some defense attorney just grate on my nerves. This one does get on my nerves. Her high pitched voice tells me she is uncomfortable and not confident at all. She despises having to be there are try to come up with whatever she can to excuse that baby's condition at time of her death. Knowing the defendants do not have to prove they're not guilty, it is predisposed that they are. The prosecution has the burden of proof to prove guilt. She is just a mouthpiece and I feel like she didn't help her clients. During sentencing she was way off on the "We're not defined by one day" was a colossal mistake. The prosecution put it right in her face. No abhorrent? What is then?? Good God! Rest in peace little one, no one will ever hurt you again!

  16. Not only did Laila have all those bruises all over her body in suspicious areas, she had already broke two bones (one ignored) and fractured a rib. WHat in the actual hell was Jennifer thinking. Just throw her in the trash.

  17. This witness is a hero. She didnt let the defense beat her down. she kept her own facial expressions to show, even when she was silenced, what she really thought. Respect. lol even if laila was ressed up against a chair during cpr etc, the bruising wouldnt show up because she had no circulation !

  18. I sob watching suff on kids…but its a feeling of sadness over such beautiful gifts that sometimes were treated so badly on this side of life that its a level of respect I feel I owe them….fly angel girl

  19. Being a fellow nurse, she has more experience than most due to being a paramedic! Her testimony was excellent! She makes me proud!

  20. Okay so Im just curious, but can a bruise be caused if the blood is being circulated by the CPR since there is a "pulse"

  21. This poor little girl never choked on anything, she was beaten to death. This monster foster person tried to come up with this pathetic story of being to rough with her performing cpr and even dropped her at one point. Did she really think this would be believe-able. The poor child had a broken arm, broken leg, numerous bruises and ripped organs. How does this monster sleep at night.

  22. Loooove this witness! She’s so strong. Pleaseeeee 👏🏼Put 👏🏼me 👏🏼in👏🏼a👏🏼room 👏🏼with 👏🏼that👏🏼baby👏🏼killer👏🏼!!! I need 5 mins just 5! 🤬🤬🤬 Rest In Peace babygirl. So devastating

  23. The defense attorney is a joke, thankfully. I could never represent guilty people with that much evidence against them & live with myself after trying to exonerate a monster with substantial evidence against them, especially in a case of animal or child abuse/death, as they can't defend themselves whatsoever. She made a great point, when you call 911 dispatchers will give you instructions what to do & how to do it, so even if their lame ass defense of doing the Heimlich wrong held up, then that means they ignored the instructions that were life-saving & killed Leila with neglect then. Laila was DOA with no heartbeat & zero signs of recent choking, she was beat to death over a period of time, her bones & bruising proved that, as well as the fact that she was never a choking victim. Her little body just couldn't take it anymore. That sick bitch, I hope she rots.

  24. can someone tell me what the lady in the foreground (with back to camera) is holding up to her mouth. she seems to be speaking even as he witness is speaking. Sorry, if this is a dumb question, but I honestly don't know.

  25. Thank God that there are wonderful honest and God fearing people making sure that the truth comes out and stops wicked people being able to carry out these terrible actions on any other defenceless baby’s. Thank you for your service and to Layla. You are a brave woman and do amazing work xx

  26. Strength, integrity, control, intelligence and common sense….Someone find her and tell her to run for PRESIDENT!
    Although since she is all of the things I listed above I am sure she would say no. God bless this nurse! To see what they see daily and still show up for the next shift! We are so grateful for the many women and men of this profession. So much respect for you all! ❤

  27. why can't parents admit guilty when there is so much visual evidence of physical abuse, these parent lied out their a__ __ skanks

  28. I just don’t understand how someone can look at a child and hurt them or hit them i just don’t get it

  29. Thank you for your 23yrs of service and for your dedication both your careers as a paramedic and nurse. You are a true angel and have a beautiful heart. Your declaration to this case was amazing and very detailed and on point. You showed so much courage and strength throughout the hearing and even when you were so close to breaking through that pain inside you for that baby, you held it together for her. You are an admiration, God bless you and may he heal your pain and keep your wings strong for every victim you must encounter and fight for.

  30. I wish I could adopt a child or two. These poor babies need loving homes. How can you not love a child? How could you do this to a baby?

  31. Whenever I’ve been in the hospital, the nurses have been angels. This lady is a particularly intelligent, and warm example of this type of care. She expresses herself brilliantly and knowledgeable. Her smile alone is one of peace and grace. If I’m ever alone at the end, I hope I have someone like her by my side. Spectacular!! 🥰🙏🏻🕊😢

  32. We know there was NO CHICKEN or food found in Lailas throat! That's what we do know, ms. Defense. The nurse witness did a great job. I imagine that was hard to do.

  33. What's the lady at the front of the nurse doing? She looks like she's talking into something. Sorry for sounding dumb but I'm from the UK and have never seen this.

  34. what is that lady doing? the short haired lady sitting in a desk right in front of witness box? she has something she is holding over her ? mouth/nose? weird, that is usually where the court reporter sits and types away…what is she doing?

  35. I know about bruises. I very clumsy and what she said about the discoloration was on point. I bruise easily so I know what she was talking about.

  36. Defense attorney trying to argue against the bruises was pitiful. We all know how bruises work you don’t have to be an expert idiot.

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  38. This nurse did an excellent job testifying about an awful outcome from an act of violence committed against a helpless child. 😔

  39. This is random but….The prosecutor kinda looks like Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder! Her question were so good, she quickly shot down any objections/ questioning RN Espinosa credibility. Bravo, love seeing PoC take charge

  40. Can someone please tell me who the woman is in front talking into the mask, what is she doing.. I’ve never seen this before 😆✌️

  41. The nurse so great and to think that she could have been working all week long before the courts case.not get enough credit for the job

  42. I've seen this b4. So why would I watch it again…? I believe it's because this registered nurse's thoughtful, well spoken, painful to tell & painful to hear testimony is profoundly moving. Dear god..this was a two..two year old .. i feel like vomiting.

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