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(gentle music) – My name is Beth Ann Faisst. I’m from Aurora, Colorado and I had my Rose baby
at Rose Medical Center. I have two kids and my first child, I had at a different hospital in Atlanta. And when I moved to Colorado
I had to find my new home of where I would have my baby. I had a midwife in Atlanta, I knew I wanted to go midwife again. However, at the hospital,
they kept kind of pushing the epidural and my husband and I knew we wanted to go a natural route and not have the epidural
unless medically necessary. So, when I went to Rose, the first day I was there they told me about the birth center opening
up at Rose Medical Center. And right away my husband
and I were thrilled. We always wanted to have
our babies at a birth center but the thought of an actual birth center away from a hospital scared us. We liked knowing that all of
the tools that were necessary, God forbid something wrong
happen, were right there. So, as soon as we knew
that it was a birth center inside the hospital, we were
completely sold on doing it. And after a few appointments with Rose, I fell in love with all those midwives and it was just a perfect fit. After I decided that I wanted
to go the birth center route, I was told to take a
couple birthing classes and go tour the birth center to make sure that’s what I wanted. So, of course, I dragged my husband along so that he could see it, too. And a couple of things that really sold us on the birth center was all
of the different natural tools they had, whether it was the
stool, or the birthing ball, and the tub. With my first child at the hospital, I did not even have the option of a tub. So being able to labor in the
tub was a great selling point because I hear that’s
a great way to labor. And, again, just knowing the whole staff in that birth center was focused on, how can we help you go the natural way, and not just be giving
you drugs to help you? So, the day finally arrived when I was going to have my baby. I came into the hospital,
it was after hours, so I actually came in through the ER, and they brought me up
to Labor and Delivery because you have to have some vitals done. So, went into Labor and
Delivery and right away I met my nurse, Chantel, who was amazing. I had a great experience with her. We also met my midwife,
Vicki, and thankfully, my baby did what he needed to
do and I was then transferred to the birth center and
right away they started the aromatherapy and
they got me in the tub, which was all things I wanted. My husband, to this day,
jokes because I was sitting in the tub just laboring and Chantel kept coming in saying, are you ready? Are you ready to have this baby? And I was just relaxing, I
felt like I was in a spa. So, they had the candles and everything. It was great. So eventually, I was
ready to meet my baby boy and we got into the bed and it was great because I could be in
any position I wanted. That was another thing
that really upset me at the hospital I had my first child because right away, as soon
as it started happening, they told me, get on your back
and let’s push the baby out. But Vicki said any way I
wanted I could have this baby. And a couple other nurses came in, they were all so supportive throughout the whole pushing
experience and encouraging. I’ve never felt that
loved before by strangers. And you could tell they were all a team. They all were there for
me, not for themselves. And we actually didn’t know
if it was a boy of a girl. That was something my
husband wanted to do. So, Vicki and all the nurses knew and let my husband announce it. We wanted a boy, so when
we found out it was a boy, they all clapped and it was a very loving and warm experience, and very exciting. The thing I remember
the most is my daughter was excited to come out. My son was not excited to come out and he was actually sunny side up. And the pain was miserable
and I remember looking at my nurse, Chantel, and
Vicki, my midwife and saying, I can’t. I cannot do this. I’m exhausted, it hurts. And they said, yes, you
can, you can do this. And right away they moved me into a more comfortable position. Chantel let me break her hand, basically, by squeezing it so hard. And Vicki helped my husband comfort me and we got through it and I did it. I loved Rose so much and
had such a great experience because from the moment
I walked into the door until the moment I walked out, my husband and I continue to
talk about it to this day. Every single person in this hospital, like I said, is focused on you. You don’t feel like they’re
here clocking in at a job and working to support their family. It’s almost as if they’re here because they want to support
you and they want to love you. I mean, I remember every single person, even if it was the person
sitting at the front desk. Like I said, they’re all a team. You can tell that they
all love working together and want to be together. And that helps you feel comfortable. So, if you’re a little uneasy or nervous then all of that love and
support that they have for each other comes
onto you and you feel it, and it helps ease your nerves
no matter what fear it is. Whether you are scared
to go the natural way or scared for your baby,
they’re all here to support and love you and take care
of everyone in this hospital.

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