Rooster Teeth & Dell Children’s Hospital Announcement!

– Hi, I’m Jack.
– And I’m Caiti. Jack: And we are standing here in front of the brand-new mental health unit at Dell Children’s Hospital. Caiti: Yeah, this is where your money is going towards. Caiti: You can see it right behind us, in action. It’s pretty surreal. Jack: Why don’t we go take a peek inside to see what’s going on in there? Jack: So we are currently inside the brand-new mental health unit here at Dell Children’s Hospital. Jack: Your donations have made this happen. Caiti: It’s just so amazing to be here in this space, and it’s so tangible. Caiti: And just to see what you guys have done is just– yeah. Overwhelming. Jack: All your donations, everything has gone towards this and making this happen, Jack: and we have something incredibly awesome I want to show you outside right now. Jack: So where are we right now, Caiti?
Caiti: Right now we’re in the hospital’s healing garden. Caiti: It’s an outdoor area where the kids can come for a little bit of respite, Caiti: get some sun, which I think is really really important, Caiti: spend some time with their families… Caiti: But Jack, I think what’s really exciting and important is, what’s it gonna become? Jack: So we are just outside of the mental health unit, Jack: and what this is going to lead into is the Rooster Teeth Healing Garden. Jack: So your money has gone to our donation to Dell Children’s and we are going to be a named sponsor at this hospital, which is incredible. Jack: And so we couldn’t do it without the support of you, Jack: and we just want to thank every single one of the people who have donated, and watched, spread the love, Jack: and it’s pretty incredible that we get to do something like this. Jack: And special thanks to Dell Children’s for working with us and making this happen, Jack: and to everyone at Extra Life, and of course the Rooster Teeth community; Jack: you guys are just the best. We love you guys. Jack: So thank you very much, and… yeah, watch this weekend for Extra Life. Jack: It’s gonna be a fun one. And we’re trying to hit a million dollars, so you can be a part of that. Jack: We’ll see you this weekend. Thanks everyone!

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  1. OK. This is a huge deal. A wonderful moment that RT (Jack and Caiti especially) have truly earned, I've never been prouder of this community.

  2. Thanks to Jack and the rest of the Rooster Teeth team for diligently promoting Extra Life. Without your support of the charity I never would've heard about it. Because of you, my company held it's first Extra Life games day last weekend, raising money for our local Children's Hospital. Please know that the effort you put into supporting the charity goes far beyond Austin, and has inspired people across the world to take up the cause.

  3. You know what I hate about charity, is that most of the mainstream charities never show what actually is done with the money, they just say what WILL happen with the money, which is never clear whether they follow up on or not.. So to RT, congrats and much respect for showing us what the community's money has gone towards, and congrats to those who donated. You have my respect.

  4. I like Jack (now, took like 4 years) but boy can i not wait to see this same video about 30 times tomorrow doing the Extra Life live stream lol

  5. I hope that the dislikes on this video are from some sort of dislike bot or something. It's very questionable for someone to actually have a negative reaction to RT helping sick kids.

  6. This just brightened my day. Its awesome to see what the donations have built and will build. Keep it up. Y'all are amazing <3

  7. This makes me so happy and proud of Firsts and the entire community. I have zero doubt in my mind that we can outdo ourselves again this year with a huge fundraising total.

    But can anyone at Rooster Teeth outdo a 'New Life Extra Life Announcement' as a stretch goal?? Tough to top that.
    Tears of pride and happiness all around, then we descended to discomfort as drunk Michael started the dead baby miscarriage comments.

    In that moment of painfully uncomfortable, drunk whittering Michael, we all saw an intoxicated husband and prospective father who was desperately trying to hide real true love and very real concern&fears behind jokes that were stunted by alcohol. It was all so genuine and added so much fuel to the community spirit of the day xxxx we are powerful when we stand together xxxx

  8. I will always remember Jack crying at the end of the first Extra Life. He couldn't believe it and couldn't hold it together anymore. That hit me in the feels.

  9. Rooster Teeth and Extra Life are absolutely incredible. No more words can describe how happy and proud I am for them and all they have done.

  10. Funny to see this company get so powerful that they could convince a children's hospital to name part of itself after a euphemism for "cockbite."

  11. I don't want to watch this right now cos I'm pretty sure I'll be watching it at least 100 times on Saturday during the live stream. Can't wait!!

  12. every once in a while, the magnitude of how far RT has come as a company just socks you in the face
    congrats guys, you've made a real impact on the world that will not be forgotten any time soon

  13. A name sponsor? I sincerely hope that no one sees it and googles roosterteeth 😂, I imagine the first thing being an Rtaa filled with so many inappropriate words and sexual innuendos.

  14. I know ima come off as rude but, when I think rooster teeth I don't normally think mental Heath healing (kinda the opposite). Still I think it's great what these guys are doing!

  15. This is awesome, definitely gonna try to donate a little extra tomorrow. Thank you jack and Cati and everyone at rt, you guys do an amazing job and really are helping out a good cause

  16. This actually made me cry… it's amazing to see that after years of extra life the community has raised enough money for rooster teeth to become a name sponsor there, and the fact that they're helping to fund the mental health unit is incredible. I'm so amazed to see how rooster teeth has grown and made an impact over the years

  17. I grew up getting a lot of care from the Shriners Children's hospitals and it's so damn cool to see RT do so much for children's hospitals and care. I'm blown away every year and I love what you all do more and more! Thank you for working and helping to give families who have children that are growing up like I grew up the facilities and tools they need to succeed!

  18. Wow. I legitimately teared up. Jack, this is why you're my fave. Keep being the unbelievably selfless and awesome person that you are.

  19. Honestly, Jack is one of my favourite RT members. He’s the most pure hearted person, and you can tell he loves to give back to the community. And Caiti is just as awesome. Keep it up you 2 beautiful people.

  20. Shes Not Dead… Press The Link RT #RWBY

  21. Can we introduce a stretch goal for Burnie to finally get his statue of him holding a platypus and a can of Fosters?

  22. It's incredible to think that, in a small way, my donations helped build something so important.. on the other side of the globe. Fantastic work Jack, RT, and of course, the community!

  23. My only regret this year for Extra Life, is that I only had $20 to give.
    Jack and Caiti, I promise that next year I'll have that $1,337 to give.

  24. This means so much. I had spinal surgery there as a teen and being stuck in the hospital as a kid sucks I'm so happy to see things like gardens being built

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