Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – OmniGus

Gavin: What we have now must
be the perfect level of “well-knownness.” Gus: The pharmacist at the pharmacy I go to– Burnie: HO HO!! Gus: –knows who I am.
Burnie: OH NO! Gus: So like… Like, I have to get
some fucked up medicine Gus: And like, I can’t go to my pharmacy
because the guy knows me! Burnie: Hey Gus! Your, uh, BUTT HERPES CREAM. Gus: Anytime I go to pick up my medicine, he’s like, Gus: “Hey, uh, so I saw that short!
You were really funny!” Burnie: Oh no!
Gus: Can I just… Can I just get my pills, please? Burnie: Oh, that’s the worst! Jack: And you kick off workin’ next year’s RTX, right? Like, immediately! Gus: Yeah, luckily we built that robot. Jack: Gusbot 3000? Gusbot: PROGRAMMED FOR FUN. Gusbot: COMEDY ROUTINE BROKEN. Gusbot: KILL. KILL. KILL. Gus: Speaking of the pharmacy, so yesterday,
I went to the HEB, and I walk in… Gus: …Fucking BILLY is sitting there.
The one-legged homeless guy.
Joel: Ohhhhh…yeah… Gus: Who owes us his other fucking leg still! Joel: He still has it?! Gus: He still has that leg! Gus: And I was like, “Oh my god.” And he like, he like, looked at me, started trying to talk to me again, Gus: And I just said, “NOPE,” and I turned around and left and walked right back out. [Singing in Gus] Gus! [Singing in Gus] Gus: Super-energetic now!

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – OmniGus

  1. I feel like this is the video I should comment this on because I tried to say god dammit once and I said gus damnit instead…

  2. I really wanna make omnigus my ringtone and just have it on during class and if it ever goes off, I'm not gonna be mad, I'm gonna be dancing like theres no tomorrow and see if theres any other rooster teeth fans

  3. you know, whenever someone hears a word repeated in a song over and over again, people usually hear something different after a while… did anyone else hear "GusGusGusGusBusMusFusPus"?

  4. The funniest two people of all in rooster teeth are(in my opinion) Gus and Bernie (I hope I spelt that right T-T)

  5. Sooooo My friend was over and she made cookies. After watching "The Gus song" three times I went to go grab a cookie. Instead of saying thank you I almost said "Gus" 🤣

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