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Gavin : I haven’t been sick for years. Always find this, this mental ’cause sometimes if you feel like you’re getting sick and then you give in and you become sick. but the last few times I had that feeling I’ve just been like : “I’m not doing it” and I’ll skip it. Burnie : You would make the world shittiest doctor. It’s that you’re being advice like : “Oh you’re getting sick ?” “Yeah, just don’t do that.” I meant someone coming to you and they say : “Doctor Free, I have cancer.” and you go : “Oh I got that. Stop.” “Just … give it up.” Kara was over Goeff’s house one night so yeah it’s Peggle night so came over and they take turns playing Peggle so … Geoff beat one level at Peggle and Gavin got so excited he was like “YEEES” like he run over to Geoff and jumped into his arms and like wrapped himself around Geoff and Geoff put his arms in the air and Gavin slipped down him and just ripped his pants right down and he looks up and realise that his boxers were down too and Geoff’s dong is just hanging out And Kara was there and she was like and Geoff was like So now … Kara anytime is giving a tour of our office I’m making a point to go Hey guys make sure Kara tells you about the time she saw Geoff’s penis

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  1. In Gavins defence, if you "resist" the feeling of getting sick your antibacteria things or what ever work more efficiently. So theres a tip for not getting sick,i think it also makes you immune again even tough that doesnt matter much.

  2. As someone that is chronically ill and bed ridden, Gavin saying stuff like, "Just decide not to get sick" is really frustrating.

  3. I used the Same method of Dr. Free's during the school year,I saw this vid,and the next day we were supposed to do something fun,and I didn't feel well that morning so I went to school and on the bus I was just like"no sick-stay good"and it worked.A few weeks later was some test I wanted to miss so I thought to myself"brain-it's ok to get sick,do it now"and it worked.Thanks Dr.Free.

  4. This is actually slightly true to a degree.. obviously you can't 'think away' disease or something major, but a cold or minor flu can run its course much quicker if you stay active and aware.  So if you feel a cold starting up but don't allow your body to go into a restful state, then your body will remain more active for a longer period of time.  Really isn't some mystical thing, just a matter of blood flow and staying active.

  5. I have had that before actually! If I feel like I have to sneeze or cough a few times, and if I don't give into it, I don't get sick. It's wierd…



  7. It sounds crazy but gavins method works.. If it's just a cold o.O At least for me it works, haven't got really sick in months because of that 😀

  8. Those two guys looked at each other like they were going to walk home and started writing some weird shit on their computers, thanks to jack

  9. Those two guys looked at each other like they were going to walk home and started writing some weird shit on their computers, thanks to jack

  10. i think the first time i've known about rooster teeth was when i watched red vs blue and then i watched a video with geoff in it and my brothers like "that's the guy who voices griff" and i was like "no way" 

    now here i am

  11. I'm the animation it says "Doctor Free Pant Geoff" but the title says "Doctor Free Pants Gavin." Just putting it out there

  12. Oddly enough Gavin is right, when I feel I'm coming down with something I'll just be like nope I'm not getting sick today, and it works. It's all about state of mind.

  13. Not to jinx myself but I haven't been sick for years and if you don't want to get sick just breathe slowly and drink just water maybe some soda but mostly water that's my tip of not getting sick

  14. I do the same thing lol. My family always wonders how I heal so fast, and I always say 'I just tell my body not to hurt or get sick, and I live well"

  15. Gavin's technique absolutely does not work. Earlier this month I went to bed one night feeling a bit of a sore throat, so I told myself "Nope. I am not getting sick. Not this month." and of course I did get sick and no matter what remedy I used the damn thing wouldn't go away. It lasted a good 2 weeks. And even now that I'm feeling better I still get the occasional dry cough. It's like it never left!

    So thanks for nothing, Dr. Free.

  16. Oh god, watching this now after the time Gavin "lets himself get sick" (that one Minecraft episode)… hearing him explain his way of not getting sick/succumbing to it is just hilarious. Can't believe he's talked about it more than once…

  17. Me: Doctor Free, I have

    Lung Cancer
    Blood Cancer
    Small Pox
    Type 1 Diabetes
    Type 2 Diabetes
    Yellow Fever
    Stomach Ache

    Doctor Free: Just give it up.

  18. (In charas mind) "I thought this only happened in fanfiction's."
    "this is usually the part where I wake up now."

  19. I was describing saying "Nope, I'm not doing that" as a way to avoid being sick to my coworkers, attributing it to "Dr. Free". One guy said "Sounds like a superhero" (apparently not RT fans).
    My response was "He's just as good at that as being a doctor".

  20. Gavin takes inspiration from Frank Buckles the last WWI soldier to die at age of 110. He was once asked what his secret to log life was to which he replied "When you start to die… don't"

  21. Let's sum this up:
    – Gavin and Kara are over at Geoff's house playing peggle
    – Kara leaves room for a few minutes
    – comes back
    – Gavin is lying on the floor, arms wrapped around Geoff's legs, who is standing over him with his pants down.

  22. Doctor Free segment – RT Podcast #186 (Part 2) at 1:09
    Kara/Geoff segment – RT Podcast #189 at 1:05:23

  23. I tried Gavin's method for two years straight until I had a horrible ear problem that was basically a cold that i wasn't expecting to get, so I got it.

    And then I gave up the method and had to catch up on five illnesses within one month. it was hell.

  24. I just noticed that the YouTube title is "Doctor Free Pants Gavin," but the title in the video says "Doctor Free Pants Geoff"

  25. I’ve been binge watching all the animated adventures but god this one just had me cracking up and rewatching

  26. I love how childish Gavin is. He's destructive, hyper, bouncy, and jumps into people's arms in celebration XD

  27. What gavin said isn't entirely wrong right? You can easily trick yourself into anything, like after watching a action movie you feel like you can be one of the badasses in the movie.
    Right wrong?

  28. Gavin was actually right. Getting sick a lot of the time is a mental thing. If you're mentally strong you can skip it

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