Roosevelt Warm Springs Hospital: The healing power of serenity

(Everett Park) There was some points even after I got here, where I questioned my recovery a little bit. But every day, when I had the
opportunity to look out in that big, green courtyard and think about all of
the hundreds, thousands even, of people that have been here, that probably felt the same way that I did, it was a sobering reminder that I had the
opportunity to get better, just like they had, and that there was a history here
of care. (Kim Steele) It’s beautiful here. There’s so much history here. I’ve learned so much about polio and the therapy that they did, what [President] Roosevelt did, that I didn’t even know. (Kimberly Young) Warm Springs is special. It gives patients a feeling of home, the way that the staff interact with them, just the feeling of the grounds. Patients get
to go outside here. They love to go out in the courtyard. (Everett Park) There’s no traffic. It’s happy. It’s always green and pretty outside, and it’s such a unique setting
to make a relaxed, total recovery. (Kim Steele) It’s just amazing here. It’s beautiful, but just being able to to go around and look in the history and what they’ve done
for so many years here. That spirit is still going on. (Sonal Nakrani) There is a spirit here. A spirit of healing, a spirit of compassion, a spirit of Warm Springs, basically. We want to heal not only your body, but your mind and spirit. (Rene James) What differentiates Roosevelt Warm Springs is that spirit. And it is something about
coming on campus, there is something about these buildings, there is something
about the people. (Everett Park) The quality of medical care here is unprecedented, but the
people here are also unprecedented. (Kim Steele) Everybody’s special here to me because everybody has treated me like family and has pushed me to a place that I never
thought I’d ever be again. (Ara Chitchyan) Patients that come to us, they for the most part suffer from incredibly difficult, either medical condition, or an accident
that happens to them, that changes their life. (Carlos Parrado) This facility, we have two hospitals. One is the long-term acute care hospital. The patients come in to improve from the
chronic or acute condition. Once they get stronger, and if they make criteria, they then go to the rehabilitation to continue the process of getting stronger
and be able to go home. (Ara Chitchyan) With the expertise that we have here at Warm Springs, we are able to provide them with a full
array of rehabilitation services, with the goal of getting them back to the
life taken before. (Wykeshia Farley) You see patients come in and they’re very sick, they can’t do
for themselves, but as you develop a rapport with the patients and you see how
far they’ve come it gives you a sense of joy, a sense of
satisfaction, that you’ve helped somebody to move forward in their lives, to care
for themselves, and to help them feel well again. (Summer Lehman) When I see that glimmer of hope that these patients show, and they see that, I can get better, I can do these
things, it’s very rewarding. It makes you want to come back the next day. It makes
you want to do the best job that you can do every day. (Rene James) There is just a warmth,
and when you combine that with the skill level of the providers, you just have
something that cannot be matched anywhere else. (Everett Park) They have such a depth of
compassion, and if someone was considering a facility like this for
their loved one, I can’t think of going anywhere else. (Rene James) There are many days that I say, “This is why we do what we do.” It’s when you see that patient walk for the first time. When I see a patient that I’ve treated
in the LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) that has been on a vent and I watch them walk out the door of rehab,
those are just incredible feelings, and I know that my purpose has been fulfilled. (Sonal Nakrani) When that patient says that “I’m going home. I’m going home because of you.” and that’s all you need. You know you’ve done what you need to do in life. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

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