Roosevelt Warm Springs Hospital: Believe in Me

(Everett Park) I had an accident on a dirt bike, actually, and I ended up with a spinal cord injury. I’ll never forget sitting in my hospital room, before I came here, an emotional mess. What gave me hope was the people. (Carlos Parrado) It feels so good to be able to see a person come in with no hope, and being able to leave here. (Rene James) There is just something about this place and it gets in your heart. There is a desire for people to achieve things that they never
thought that they could achieve. (Everett Park) From the minute I got here, they knew I was going to get better. They even told me I was going to get better, and I know for a
fact that that’s a huge part of why I recovered, because they believed in me, so I believed in me. (Rene James) When I see a patient that I’ve treated in the LTAC, that has been on
a vent, and I watched them walk out the door of a rehab, those are just
incredible feelings. (Everett Park) When I walked through the front door of our house, it was almost like carrying her over the threshold again. [Laughter] It was special. (Ara Chitchyan) Long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital takes patients who are for most part on a ventilator because of
acute respiratory illness and they have one of the highest rates of success weening those patients from the ventilator. (Eric Lombardo) There’s nothing more rewarding than the first time you hear somebody’s voice, when they’ve been on a ventilator for two to three weeks, or even longer,
and you actually can get them to voice, and they can actually tell their loved
ones that they love them, it’s a pretty emotional time and it’s a very
meaningful time. (Carlos Parrado) The success that we have here at the LTAC, to be able to get
a person off the breathing machines, and also get them off a tracheostomy, I
would say it is very high rate of success. (Rene James) It is very important for us to work as a team in order to have the patient be as successful as they can. We all have our individual roles that we play in the care of the patient. (Carlos Parrado) I will go over each patient and all of those contribute to what is the best approach, keeping in mind the patient’s needs to help him realize their healing goals. (Everett Park) I think that they expected me to make a good recovery more than I expected, maybe, but they never showed any question of it. When I did show drastic improvement, they treated it like, that’s what I was supposed to do, and that’s what they expected here. (Rene James) It is very important for us to work as a team in order to have the patient be as successful as they can. (Carlos Parrado) On a regular basis, or as needed, we’ll have family conferences where the professionals and team that need to be present, and will be there, to continuously inform the families about the next step. (Rene James) There is just a warmth and when you combine that with the level of the skill level of the
providers, you just have something that cannot be matched anywhere else. (Carlos Parrado) If I had a family member that would have to be in this situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring them here. That’s how I feel about this place and the team that we have. (Everett Park) I hope they know how grateful I am, because I genuinely don’t know if I would have had the same recovery anywhere else. So these people mean a lot to me.

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