Roosevelt Warm Springs Hospital: Back to Life

(Kimberly Young) I would urge anyone looking at rehabilitation, looking at the possibilities, to not look at just the
facility, to look at how nurses interact with the patients or how the therapist will interact with them. Tour the facility. Come see what we do here. If you come and see what we do here you will want to come here. (Kim Steele) Because the spirit here brought me from the dark place that I never thought I could come out of. I was
able to do nothing. Everyone had to do it for me and now I don’t have to depend
on anybody to do anything for me anymore. I can do it all on my own. (Sonal Nakrani) There is a spirit here. A spirit of healing. A spirit of compassion. Spirit of Warm Springs, basically, that we want to heal, not only your body, but your mind and spirit. (Kimberly Young) Warm springs is special. The history behind the grounds in the facility, it’s
special in itself, but there’s always been a spirit of excellence here. A
spirit of caring that you don’t experience at every hospital. (David Mysona) It takes time to get better especially when you don’t have physical abilities, like you
can’t move a limb, and so to have that dedicated time with Dr. Chin, the speech therapist, occupational therapy and physical therapy, it makes a really huge
difference for the patient because they have someone that they see every day, a team that cares just for them and is really monitoring their progress and that’s our sole goal. (Kim Steele) They all work together. They all work for the same goal. They want to make sure that we’re able to be able to be on our own and do independently what
we couldn’t do before and they make sure of that every day. (Kimberly Young) Here we spend weeks with our patients, so we really get to know our patients, we get to know our families. We know the ins and outs of their care, what they’ve come from, where they’re going, how they’re progressing, and the team approach helps us to get together and
talk about that and provide the best care we can for the patient. (Eric Lombardo) It’s the number one reason why our hospital has a family feel to it, is that
everybody is on the same page. Every discipline directs the team members and what they need to implement through our conferencing, our education, and so that it translates to the patient the best. (Ara Chitchyan) It takes a team to work with a patient but it also takes a special person to be part of that team. (Wykeshia Farley) Every patient success is our success. The whole team’s success. (Summer Lehman) Everyday I come in looking forward to my patients being able to do something today that they couldn’t do yesterday. (Wykeshia Farley) It is such a joy to work with somebody that is full of motivation, that is full of spirit. (Kimberly Young) To see them switch from the depression of where they’re at in their life, to overcoming that and fighting past that, to see that switch in their mind, to be able to experience that and be there with them and help them through
that is amazing. (Sonal Nakrani) I love seeing each and every patient making progress, getting better as the day goes by. They do more and more for
themselves, get back on their feet, ready to go home. (Wykeshia Farley) It’s a joy to see the patients come in one way and leave totally different, knowing they have a sense of mobility, a sense of independence and a sense of being able
to care for themselves again. (Ara Chitchyan) What I love about working over here is our ability to give the patient their life back and that’s what motivates me every day to come back to work. It feels incredible not just to see the change, but know that the change will happen. It’s one of the most fulfilling, professionally and emotionally, changes that you can witness in a very short period of time. (Summer Lehman) By the time you leave here we want to be able to get you back to doing everything you did before. If that means get up and getting dressed, going to work, getting groceries, taking care of your children, anything that you did during the day, those are the things we want to get you back to. All the things that we do, that we take
for granted and we don’t have to think about. (Sonal Nakrani) When they come here, they recover, they’re able regain their function. They’re able to take care of themselves
and get independent, get back on their feet. It’s a major achievement and when we see them, that smile on their face, and that’s where I was and where I am today, and now I’m able to go back home and lead a
productive life. That’s just a reward. That’s all the satisfaction you can have in the world.

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