Role of Psychologist in Acute Rehabilitation | Spalding Rehab Denver

– You know as a psychologist
here at Spalding, I wear a lot of different hats. Um, you know I, um, you know I, I provide support as a psychologist you know, doing things like grief therapy or, you know cycletherapy
with people to help with you know managing adjustment issues, adjusting to their medical issues, or dealing with depression
um, anxiety issues. But I also, you know do testing, you know so, I might test an individuals
cognitive functioning to determine what’s the best, you know course of treatment, that our therapist should,
you know start to think about, and approach in terms of
dealing with you know, this individual. Um, I do a lot of family therapy too, in terms of providing support, you know with the patient, and with, you know their family members, and you know providing, you
know the the the education and the knowledge that they
need in order to be successful you know as a family together. Um, you know I also work
very closely with you know the physicians, in order to
help them have an understanding of what’s going on with an
individual psychologically, what’s going on with the
individual um, you know cognitive, you know and is there
anything that we can do, you know from a medical standpoint
that might help, you know this person get better. And and and improve. So we wear a lot of
different hats as I call it, just here at Spalding. But it’s fun. It’s it’s it’s unique, every individual is different and in being able to kind of help, you know and use all
these different skills to help you know everybody, you know is fun.

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