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  1. @readyourmind92 I love the fact you don't care about people. If you don't like how social work is being done, how about you show them how it's suppose to be done. If you care about people so much. Stop being a whiner.

  2. You know a really good way to get rid of social workers? Stop beating up your wives, stop beationg up your kids, stop doing drugs, stop getting sick, stop getting in trouble, obey your parent, stop breaking laws and make this world a perfect world. So to all those whiners who hate social workers. Stop doing these things.

  3. @BoyMonarch Really? My mom is a black women who was a social worker and worked her ass off. She worked with troubled teenage boys and they respect her till this very day, They would of been in prison by now. But instead they went to college or trade school and have good families. She helped them get back on their feet.

  4. @BoyMonarch No! You are full of shit. Because you rather kids to be abused in homes instead of solving the problem. Instead of whinning, do something about it. Fix the system. You want spousal abuse to happen. And how is my story bullshit anyway? Because you still hate social workers? People need help. You are full of shit. If you have a problem with the system and care about them, do something about it. Obviously you don't. Fix the foster care system, teach people about domestic violence.

  5. @BoyMonarch BoyMonarch, you have alot of bad experiences with social worker huh? Because what you just said was untrue about social workers. People have social problems too. Like for instance poverty,abuse etc. Don't hate on social workers because you had a bad experience with one. It may be a corrupt system but I don't see you trying to fix it.

  6. @readyourmind92 No, I'm not a hypocrite. Are you? Why are you talking about feminist anyway? I'm not a feminist. I just want to help people or be a counselor. What kind of social worker are you anyway?

  7. @readyourmind92 You just said that you were a social worker. You are the hypocrite What are you talking about? Not all social workers work with kids or CPS.

  8. @readyourmind92 How am I a hypocrite? I'm not even a social worker but you are. If you are talking about what I said about abuse. Women can abuse men and men can abuse women. Women and men both can abuse a child. If you are talking about troubled youth about those males who turn 18 than they cn get their life turned around. So you don't think people who are abused should get help by either a counselor or something like that?

  9. @readyourmind92 Are you a man? Anti- female. I know what social workers suppose to do. The system is corrupt I know. Like they are some bad cops, bad doctors etc. So why do you hate on SWs? Because you were one? So why should that stop me from studying sw? Maybe I'll be an Advocate or something. Whatever you probably don't give a crap if a women dies from abuse or if a boy gets sexual abuse. You are probably anti-female.

  10. @readyourmind92 I met a social worker. I met with my school social worker who was annoying but not threatening or a feminist and my mom use to a social worker but she was having trouble with her co-workers and I met a person who studied social work but she was actually an advocate. They did not hurt me at all.

  11. @readyourmind92 Uh what do you mean on the far right? Most of the SWs I met was liberal or at least Independent. Documents? Dishonest social workers? What a shock.(Sarcasm) Just like cops who sometimes plant drugs in peoples cars.

  12. @readyourmind92 You are sooooooo insensitive. Some people can't get over it, sometimes they need someone to talk too. They need help to get over it. You sound so dumb

  13. @a999op Ok, not all social workers are like that and no I don't trust you. I don't even know you. There are bad social workers like you were I know. But I'm not going to be one of those dumb social workers. I bet you were one of those social workers. And to be honest I believe you are Anti-female. I'm a girl.

  14. @readyourmind92 Then change the system. Right wing? Feminist are on the left wing. Most of them are. Where have you been? My mom is a liberal. Most social workers or caseworkers I met are liberal. The reason why I say this is because they have liberal views. Not saying all social workers are liberal.That's why you shouldn't be a social worker because of money. Maybe I'll be a counselor or something. But I'm for sure going to study social work.

  15. @readyourmind92 That is not true. I do want to help people. I do know who I am. You don't even know me. If I want to know who I am, I will study psychology or sociolology. You know you sound like an idiot speaking for me. And I do want to help others ever since I was a little girl. You sound dumb, narrowminded and the real hypocrite in this whole conversation. You were a social worker, you had a chance to be a good one. But you quit.

  16. @readyourmind92 If you had a social work degree you had a chance to become a counselor to someone in need. If the agency if they treated their client and/or you wrong, you could have started your own practice. If you had a bachelors degree in social work you probably coud have did so much more with that degree with a masters. Might of took some time but still. But know you quite. I don't know what you do now but you should at least help people if you weren't one of those selfish SWs.

  17. Did she say their goal is to restore family functioning? How are we going to do that unless we turn back to God? We've taken Judeo-Christian values out of the culture, destroyed families, turned parenting over to the legal system and social engineers, made government-run schools the major influencer in our children's lives.We turn to science, and we throw money at the problem, but nothing works. Then we sit back and wonder why society is falling apart. God does not bless rebellion against Him.

  18. lol their job is strictly to gather enough evidence to remove children from their homes. So people be smart, do not let these people in your homes, i live in a 200,000$ house in the suburds of grove city Ohio and i would never cooperate with these people.

  19. There are different types of social workers. What you just said was like saying all ultrasound techs only view pregnant patients

  20. your obviously an ignorant person, this is not what they do, the children's parents or themselves are the one to put the children in these situations not the social worker unless there are croaked workers like croaked cops, but you said in general terms which is not true

  21. The only issue I have with a social worker is being harrassed offered services for a close relative that has not completed there stay at the hospital and social worker is pushing making future plans of long term care not taking into where the patient stands being a patient at the facility or what the doctors prognosis is. I was told the total opposite of the lies the social worker said when I asked the doctor what was said. Aren't social workers supposed to be team players working with hospitals? Are social workers suppose to lie about a patients prognosis to sell on long term care facilities?

  22. Yes, social workers have different functions and roles just like any other profession. If you work in the hospital you will have a different function than if you go into someone's home or residence. The approach is professional but friendly. When you're going into the home you must be social and interact by making the client feel at ease. Also, you will absorb everything while you are in the home. Ultimately, meeting in a building will lead to less distractions and less small talk. Unless of course, the client is disabled, has no advocate, limited mentally or physically or their is an emergency, then visiting in the client's home is mandatory. The main function of a social worker is listening and helping people with problems and by offering various options in order to best resolve the problem they are asking about. Nothing should be pushed. If there's any health decisions that has to be directed to a doctor, nurse or a health professional. The biggest difficulty is setting up boundaries with hurting people. Unlike a doctor's office it remains purely professional and polite. Social work is being social unlike other professions.

  23. Social work speciality is my first speciality, I respect people working in this field and respecting other people.

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