Roger A. Bonau, MD, FACS: Vascular Surgeon at Vein Centres of The Surgical Clinic

I practice at St. Thomas Hospital. It’s the only hospital that I go to so invariably I’ll
come in and make rounds. As part of my practice, I’m very involved with the venous side of
our practice – where we take care of patients with varicose veins or other venous problems
and we do that at a different location. We actually have three separate offices for those.
So I’m at each one of those offices a day of the week. On a given week I’ll see patients
at least four days a week and sometimes all five days of the week. And then the surgery
on the venous side, we do primarily in the office. So it’s a busy schedule and it’s busy
day, almost every day. I have enumerable hobbies. I enjoy duck hunting immensely, I love fishing,
I play golf, I play a very loud, but very lousy, guitar which I enjoy doing. I enjoy reading
and all the various sports on TV, football especially, college football. I was born in
Cuba. I came to the US when I was six – with a visa, with my mom. My dad is a surgeon,
he passed away a couple of years ago, was a surgeon in Cuba. At that time they didn’t
let doctors leave Cuba. So he put us on the plane, got us over here. About six weeks later,
he escaped on a boat. My ultimate decision to become a doctor was invariably linked with
the story of my father. In my dad’s case, I had the benefit of going to fantastic medical
school, a fantastic college,and an even better residency program. And that’s something that
he did not necessarily, you know, was able to accomplish. And I think my dad was especially
thrilled. It was pretty neat to have, having him be well aware of the paths that I chose.

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