Rocky’s Appointment (at Beu Health Center at WIU)

[music playing] Rocky’s Appointment Narrator: If you experience an illness or injury while at college,
going home for treatment isn’t always an option. Nurse: Hi. Can I help you? Narrator: That’s why there’s Beu Health Center. Nurse: Rocky. Come on back this way. Narrator: Beu Health Center is an accredited full-service medical clinic. Narrator: Beu offers quality outpatient health care, student health insurance,
and health and wellness education to registered students. Narrator: The procedures are the same as you would expect at any clinic.
There are patient exam rooms located on the first floor. Nurse [to Rocky]: Sit there in the chair, and
the doctor will be in. Okay? Narrator: And, of course, your privacy is of utmost concern. Nurse [to Rocky]: Rocky? We’re ready to go to x-ray. Come with me. Narrator: Should you require more than a check-up, Beu offers other medical services. Narrator: Rocky is utilizing the x-ray department, located on the first floor. Nurse: Hi Rocky. Do you want to come with
me? I hear you hurt your arm. Nurse [offscreen]: Come right in here. Nurse: You hurt your left arm? I’m going to have you have a
seat right here on this stool. Are you doing okay? Rocky: [nods head, indicating he’s doing okay] Nurse: I’m going to go get a cassette
so we can x-ray your arm. [music playing; nurse x-rays Rocky’s arm] Nurse: Rocky, we’re all done taking the x-ray, and I’m going to get
Dr. Iverson to wrap it before we move you, okay? Nurse: Are you okay?
Rocky: [gives nurse thumbs up signal] [music playing; Dr. Iverson enters to wrap Rocky’s arm] [music playing; Dr. Iverson wraps Rocky’s arm] [music playing; Dr. Iverson and Rocky shake hands] Narrator: Beu has a pharmacy, as well, which
is also on the first floor. Clerk: Thank you, Rocky. I hope you get feeling better. Clerk: Student insurance is down the hall and downstairs. Narrator: Now that Rocky has checked out, he is on his way
to the Beu health insurance office located in the basement. [Rocky interacts with the Beu student health insurance representative] Narrator: Beu also has its very own lab in the
basement, which offers a full range of laboratory testing. Narrator: In addition, health education is located in the basement. [music playing; Rocky interacts with staff member from health education] Narrator: Health education offers free outreach programs and
individual consultations regarding specific health issues. Narrator: … including eating and exercise, sexual health, tobacco cessation, and stress management. Narrator: The second floor of Beu houses more patient exam
rooms, as well as the immunization office. Narrator: There is another division of Beu, called the Alcohol
and Other Drugs Resource Center, or AOD. Narrator: The AOD serves the University community in addressing
issues with alcohol and other drugs. Narrator: The AOD is located in room 317 of Seal Hall. Narrator: As you can see, Beu Health Center
is an accredited, full-service medical clinic. Narrator: Beu offers clinical, x-ray, pharmacy, health insurance,
lab, and other health education services. Narrator: Beu is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Rocky made his appointment by calling Beu at 309-298-1888. Narrator: So the next time you are feeling unwell, take advantage of the
full-service medical clinic located right on your very own campus … Narrator: … at the corner of Murray Street and Western Ave.
[] Narrator: Beu Health Center… where they specialize in college health! [scrolling credits; music playing]
Produced by Beu Health Center and University Relations. Executive Producers: Meghan
Juniper Rimelspach and JoAnn Hairston-Jones. Script: Natalie M. Smith. Camera/editor: Teresa Koltzenburg. Narration by: Meghan Juniper Rimelspach. Starring: Rocky, Courtini Keithly, Kim Curtis, Barbara Slater, Dr.
Richard Iverson, Judy Phelan, Laurie Woodrum, Robin Wilt, Marla Rigg, Joelle Khairallah. Graduate Assistants: Joelle Khairallah, Colin Clark, John Lurgin. AOD Resource
Center: Vivian Coeur, Cara Cerullo, Pam Rodeffer. [music playing]

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