Rock Stars of Gastroenterology: The Top 3 Questions about Colonoscopy Procedure

On average, the procedure takes between 20 to 30 minutes to perform. nd most patients wake up shortly after their procedure, at which time the doctor can review the results with you. The most difficult part for this procedure for most people is the colon cleanse and the liquid diet that needs to be done before the appointment. For the vast majority of people, they choose to be sedated for the procedure, so they’ll be asleep and comfortable for the entire procedure. We use propofol sedation for our procedures, so patients fall asleep quickly and wake up quickly after their procedure. All of our sedation is delivered by anesthetia professionals so that our patients receive the highest level of comfort during their procedure. If polyps are identified during your colonoscopy, those will be removed during the exam. Anything that is removed will be sent to a lab for analysis and your doctor will discuss those results with you once the final results are available.

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