Rochester Police salute Denny Wright: “We’re going to be with Denny throughout”

Line it up, let’s go. It can either be an easy call, or a call where you don’t come home. We came out to support
Denny Wright. One of our officers was stabbed a few weeks ago. He’s made an
amazing recovery and this is just our way to honor him. I mean, obviously,
when you see something like that happen, I mean, it makes you think, you know, about what’s in store for tomorrow and every day after that, but you just got to stay
strong. Keep your friends and family close and hope for the best. I talked to him throughout this whole ordeal. Denny has been upbeat, he’s been
cracking jokes. I think he has handled situation a lot better than what I think
many people would have handled a situation like this. Going through a
critical incident, going through a time that he went through, it’s certainly not
easy. It’s certainly not easy. It’s not easy for the men and women who had to go
there and help him out that night. It’s not easy for the men and women who go
out there and still push a blue and white each and every day. It’s not easy
for anyone to see an officer go through what Denny went through. But certainly, I
think his tenacity, his will to fight, his will to not let this get him down. (Crowd cheers) You can see by the number of people that are here
today at Unity Hospital upon Denny going home. So I think it’s really remarkable for us
to see that he made it through a critical incident and now he is able to
go home to his family, and we’re gonna be here with him — not just throughout the
last two weeks — but we’re gonna be here with Denny throughout. Obviously, he went
through something incredible and now he’s going home to be with his family.
That’s an amazing thing.

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