Robotic Urological Surgery – Mary Ann Kenneson, MD

(bright piano music) – Well my specialty is urology. We deal with a host of patients from young to old, male and female. When I’m explaining robotic surgery, first I like to explain what is wrong. If a patient has a mass in the kidney, we, often times, talk about the mass and I explain all of the treatment options which include open laparoscopic and then robotic assisted
laparoscopic surgery. Most patients are aware
of robotic surgery, they’re just not quite sure what it is. They think the robot’s doing the surgery and I’m just watching. So, we talk a little bit
about robotic assisted and what it means and that I’m actually doing the procedure and there’s a surgeon at the bedside and a
surgeon at the console. Robotic surgery’s been a great innovation for surgery in general
across multiple specialties. What we’re finding is with robotic surgery we do the same procedure; however, with robotic surgery, we find the pain level
is usually much better in the post operative period. The incisions are much smaller, and recovery time is much shorter. I have PA students that rotate with me and I lift up the shirt and that’s the biggest difference. With prostate cancer, we used to make an incision from the belly button down to the pelvis. Now with robotic surgery, there’s four little incisions
the size of my pinkie. I always tease the patient, I’m like, lift your
shirt up let me show off. With having the Robot Institute here in Orange Park, it makes the care for the patients much easier. They’re not commuting, often times an hour and a half to Jacksonville, so I think this will be a big difference for our patients that are choosing to have robotic surgery. (gentle piano music) I chose Orange Park to practice because they had a robot and were very interested in building this institute and this
was a great opportunity for me to come in and train the team from the beginning. And I’m excited. (louder piano music)

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