Robotic surgery for prostate cancer at OHSU

The robotic surgery provides a minimally invasive
treatment for prostate cancer. A surgical robot is
really a combination of a tower with four robotic
arms, which communicates with a surgeon console. Any man is a candidate
for robotic surgery for prostate cancer, even those
with more advanced disease. One of the most important
questions you can ask is, what is the experience
of the surgical team and the surgeon
performing that procedure? I personally have performed over
1,000 robotic prostatectomies. This kind of experience and the
experience of the institution and the team around me allows us
to offer you the best possible surgical outcome. The process for selection of
treatment for prostate cancer can sometimes be overwhelming. The function of
our nurse navigator is to help walk you
through that process. He or she is there
to answer questions. And to help direct your
care from the diagnosis of your prostate cancer
through your treatment. Because it’s a minimally
invasive surgery, patients are discharged more
quickly from the hospital. They have less pain
and discomfort. Less blood loss
during the procedure. And most importantly, they
seem to recover more quickly. What I like most
about my job is I have the ability to impact
the course of these cancers. And to provide curative
treatment for most of them. I also love the
opportunity to be able to work at the OHSU
Knight Cancer Institute. Because I have the
opportunity there, to work with some of the
best and the brightest in the field of
prostate cancer, which offers patients to be able
to be impacted by the best possible treatment options.

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