Robotic Surgery at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center

The available technology which we have here at Hendersonville in terms of the highest end robotics the highest end equipment those are all things that effect patient care in a positive way. Robot technology is new to this neighborhood and it’s a huge asset. The robot allows us to visualize the anatomy much better than the laparoscopic equipment has traditionally done. It’s a three-dimensional, almost a virtual reality, image that’s magnified. So if I can see it clearly, I can fix it. We’re used to, even with a laparoscopic approach a limited incision. People would still be in the hospital 4-5 days. With the smaller incisions, now people are going home in about two days. So now that we have the robot the patient gets better faster, has less pain the surgeon can actually do the same good operation to help cure the patient and do it in a minimally invasive, effective way. Minimally invasive surgery is becoming the standard of care simply because it allows patients to return to full activity quicker. Here at Hendersonville, we’re also doing a new anesthesia program that facilitates that recovery. So the combination of having the robot with the new anesthesia program has been really impressive with regards to what I’ve seen in my patients. Having this equipment available here at Hendersonville I no longer have to drive downtown to offer this to my patients. I routinely have patients report back that they had a wonderful experience here at Hendersonville. They felt the staff was very friendly, and they felt right at home here. When you go in the same day surgery center, those nurses treat you like family. We have stable staff that have been here the entire time that I’ve been here. Many of them have been here for over 25 years here in the operating room. I restricted my practice to only Hendersonville when it became apparent to me relatively early in my career that my patients were receiving better quality of care at Hendersonville than some of the other bigger hospitals. You’re gonna get high quality care here at Hendersonville Medical Center just like any other big city hospital. I operate in about four different facilities between Nashville and Gallatin and I routinely get more compliments about the patient experience especially through same day surgery if you’re at TriStar Hendersonville. I will have surgery here. I’ve had several procedures done at this hospital. I’ve been a staff member of many hospitals in the region but have chosen this to be my one and only hospital.

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  1. iwould not take a dog here.Took my wife here after a seizure and they sent her home with sore muscles.After sitting around for 5 days in excruciating pain we took her to another er. It turns out she had 2 dislocated shoulders. She was crying in pain a terrible misdiagnosis

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