Robot Puts Hospital Gown on a Person

– Really, what the robot is trying to do is it’s trying to take
the person’s perspective and what is a person
feeling during assistance. When the robot’s doing
this, it’s actually using what it feels on its fingertips, so it’s saying, “Given what I feel “on my fingertips or my gripper, “what do I think a person is
feeling while being dressed?” From the robot’s perspective, it’s thinking if I move
this, if I move this way, if I try a different way, how
will that impact a person? How is that going to
apply force onto a person when I’m helping them, say, in this case, pull on, like, a hospital gown, and so the robot tries
these different ways. Predicts into the future, how does this action
going to affect a person. Is it gonna apply a lot of force? Is it going to be more
comfortable or less comfortable? Then, using all this information, using these predictions, it
tries to select an action that’s, say, best for the person. – When I go and I help someone, I can draw on that experience, those years of dressing myself. I have a sense of what it’s
like, what it feels like, what to do, what not to do, but robots haven’t had the
benefit of that experience, so through this simulation, the robot can get some of
that same type of experience, because it not only is
simulating the cloth, it’s simulating the person,
and it has this window into what the person is feeling.

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