Roblox Adventures – BABY GETS AN INJECTION IN THE BUTT! (Roblox Hospital Roleplay)

Drink the medicine. Can you drink the medicine? Ok. did it help (high picthed noise) Ok, that went down your lungs, thats not too great, what can we do..? AHHH (sigh) (sniff) (sigh) (cough) Can we go to the doctor mom? Can we go see Dr. Alex? (yee) ok Ok mom lets go see Dr. Alex (yawn) Oh mom can you make me some food first though im really, im really hungry do we, do we have any orange juice? No you cant make me any food? We’re poor? This is a nice, this is a pretty nice house though, What do you mean we’re poor? Let’s go look in my bedroom, I’m a baby but i sleep in like a king size bed mom. Like i mean, like, look at how big this bed is! I sleep in there! And your trying to tell me we’re poor? This isn’t your house? Who’s house is this? Are we not staying, is this not our… We dont own this house? So this isn’t our toilet that im pooping on right now? (somewhat crying noise as toilet flushes) Oh, the toilet is ours, oh ok mum. Ok mamau i’ll go to the hospital, and you stay here and try to lose some weight cuz dat booty cannot fit through that door and that’s an issue. I mean i’m sure dad likes it but its not good for your health (sigh) Hello, hey hey! oh hi Im new technology, the hosptial, it’s uhh, ooh. It said someone is ill, is your mother in? uhh no i am very ill, can you not hear it in my voice that i am very ill right now? Uhh, yes, yes I can (yeah) ok, come here, and give me a hug let me, let me feel how you are. (Corl) No, i don’t wanna give you a hug what do you mean give you a hug? (Alex) It, its for scientific reasons! Its for scientific reasons? (Alex) Yeah! (Corl) I’m very… ok. (Alex) Ok, there we go, right, ok good, Your feeling really baby-like, thats nice (Corl) mmhuh, Grab my booty (Alex) Okay.. (Corl) Grab my tooshie (Alex) No! I can’t do that, I’m an, I’m a doctor I’m not a, I’m not a booty doctor (Corl) But it’s a nice tooshie! (Alex) So, anyway What’s the problem? Give me a scentence (Corl) Well, im, my throat really hurts I get really hot (Alex) yes. then i’m really cold (Alex) Right… (Both talking at once) (Alex) Oh wait, what? You threw up on your mom… Did you say sorry? (Corl) No… (Alex) No!?!? Oh thats terrible! Okay, right we’ll have to go to the hospital then… Is your mother in? (Corl) Um… she was inside, yeah… …but she’s too fat to get out the door. (Alex) You know what, just, fine fine. lets go, lets go, can you come with me? (Corl) Bye mom, i am going with Dr. Alex. Call me……. Papa. (Alex) Papa, ok papa, this way! (Corl) ok dad (Alex) Ok, yep, no i am not your dad. (Corl) Are you sure? (Both talking at once again) (Alex) ok, so if you follow me into the hospital, we can get on with some tests

100 thoughts on “Roblox Adventures – BABY GETS AN INJECTION IN THE BUTT! (Roblox Hospital Roleplay)

  1. I used to have injection in my arm i closed my eyes did not shake and i didint cry when i went home in some other monday days i had a trip and i didint feel well when i went to the trip i noticed the doc or nurse said i have throat pain it was my 1st time having throat pain. And 1st time having injection i only haded shots but now injection pls read this all and… That happened when i finished the trip and went home bai!Im sorry that my friend said she hates you but dont worry denis i love you!This video is same what happened to me but the injection they gave me was in my arms. My mother said its dangerus without having injections.

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  4. I feel so bad for sub he lost his voice in a car axadent I was there in a red car I didn't know it was him until later

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