Robert Hemond, PA, Orthopedic Physician Assistant – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

(uptempo instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Robert Hemond. I’m a physician assistant
in orthopedic surgery. (uptempo instrumental music) Well, working in spine
surgery can be challenging in a lot of ways. I think you have to be aware of the patient’s fears, emotions, their anxiety just coming into the office. And the specter of a
spinal injury can connotate a life long impact. So, immediately, I let them talk. I let them tell me what they’re thinking because often times they feel
like they haven’t been heard. Once we’ve gone through our interview, I do a physical exam and see what sort of
weaknesses they might have or sensory changes, and then,
review their X-rays with them, review their MRIs. Then, we sit down together,
and I give them options. (uptempo instrumental music) My philosophy of care is
to include the patient in a team approach to their management. I want them to understand
what their X-rays show, what their labs show, what kind of problem they
actually have in laymen’s terms, and then, help them come to a conclusion as to what they need
to do to find freedom, improve their quality of life, and get back to gardening,
get back to walking, and get back to enjoying their life. (uptempo instrumental music)

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