Robert Foulk | Prostate Artery Embolization | Rose Medical Center

(light music) – Robert Faulk and I’m
from Craig, Colorado. And I had this procedure done in October of 17 at Rose Hospital. I had a bleeding of the prostrate. And had to spend three
days in the hospital getting it stopped so then I contacted Doctor Coba. And Doctor Coba then
referred me to Doctor Horner and he proceeded with this
procedure and it’s been awesome. After the bleeding stopped
and I seen Doctor Horner he told me about how the
procedure would work. And so we went ahead
with it, I had no pain. I was not gonna go through another TURP. I had one and I didn’t want another one. My urination has cleaned up. I only go maybe once a night now. And it’s been a perfect operation for me. I really liked Doctor Horner
in the way he explained the procedure to me and he
went right through the groin and right into the prostrate and I had no pain
in a 1/2 hour it was over. I went home. And I haven’t had to come
back and visit at all. It’s just one step procedure. I had bleeding in once
every two or three months I’d find blood in my shorts. Then I had to be put on Eliquis and the Eliquis then really
accelerated the bleeding and I had to spend three days in the hospital before they could get it stopped. And then I came to Doctor
Horner and he did this procedure and I’ve had no bleeding, no pain since we’ve done the procedure. If you’re having prostrate problems and need to have something done,
this procedure has been, worked perfect for me. I would recommend it to all of my friends and tell them that hey,
if you’re having problems go see Doctor Horner. (upbeat guitar music)

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