Robert F. Garza, MD, FACS: Aesthetic & Reconstruction Surgeon at Nashville Clinic of TSC

I’m Dr. Robert Garza – I’m a plastic and
reconstructive surgeon with the Surgical Clinic. Why did I want to be a surgeon – well, so I
enjoy fixing things and so plastic surgery, in particular the reconstructive
part of that, plays right into that. I went to medical school at Vanderbilt and
then I did my general surgery training at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas which
was a fun place to do general surgery. Very busy place. And then I did my plastic surgery training
at the University of Alabama Birmingham. And then I actually stayed on faculty there for a couple of years and then came here in
private practice and then recently joined The Surgical Clinic. I have four kids – four daughters that are young. I like to run. And actually we got into running races,
both road and trail races, so when i’m not at work, I’m usually training for a race. So plastic
surgery comes as a wide variety of procedures such as all the cosmetic
stuff so you know the facelifts and tummy tucks and that kind of stuff which I
also do but a lot of reconstructive surgery – so all of plastic surgery
encompasses skin and soft tissue reconstruction so that may be breast
cancer reconstruction, skin cancer reconstruction and maybe abdominal wall
reconstruction with a hernia, burns and I’ll do skin grafting from that, congenital things, scar revision, anything
you can see externally falls on us. So I wanted to be part of The Surgical Clinic because
you know I think The Surgical Clinic has a great reputation. I know the people in it. I’ve worked with them for years and years, hand in hand. I enjoy their company. They have a
reputable business of integrity. They are a well
regarded surgical group and from that reputation standpoint alone, I want to be part of that. They have a
big footprint.

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