Robert Donnelly, MD – Largo Medical Center

(upbeat piano music) – Now more than ever in care
philosophy you have to listen to the patient and see
what they want, or need, or what their goals are, you know, how I can do something to help them reach their goals and accomplish what they want to accomplish. I’ve been doing this
long enough that I can really look at someone and
look at their whole body, their hip, their knee,
their spine, their shoulder, and assess the whole person. And that really give us direction as to how we can make it better. What’s most rewarding for
me, and for all physicians, is the gratitude you
get from happy patients, and you know I certainly
enjoy the technical aspect of surgery, and I’m a
mechanic, and I like doing things with bones and
joints, but when the patients come back and they’re happy
and they give you a pat on the back and you can see them smile, I think that’s what we all live for. I’ve been operating at
Largo Medical Center for 13 years, I’ve
worked out of many other hospitals in Pinellas, but I always come back to Largo Medical Center. The staff have been here, some of them, longer than I have, and they’ve really got a great intuition for
what the patients need, and how to take care of the patient. So, we’ve really built
a great relationship and working relationship, and
that helps all the patients.

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